Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's 2010

I am sooooooooooo behind on everything I want to tell you because my mother's visiting and is staying in my guest bedroom/ study.

I do have the laptop but to get the best internet speed, it has to be in the entrance hall and I can't very well blog on my anonymous blog with everyone walking back and forth around me........

Anyhow, they're taking a quick nap while supper bakes in the oven (chicken pasta bake) and I've been itching to talk to you so here I am.

As far as New Year's goes we live in one of the most boring cities in the world. I'm from a coastal city originally and EVERYONE goes down to the beachfront on New Year's Eve - there's lights, music, people, fun. It's LOVELY. Here everything closes EARLY on New Year's except for the one or two restaurants that throw those parties which we're not into as we don't drink.

(I just heard D pick K up from her cot and kiss her. He always does that with both kids - picks them up and kisses them. It's so lovely and I don't think he's even aware he does it Every Single Time)
So D and I have a bit of a New Year's ritual. We go to an 8pm movie and then home for coffee (no coffee shops open at 10 - 10.30) to talk through our goals for the year ahead.

This year with the kids I was so pooped I fell asleep in the movie (Julie and Julia - which didn't impress me even before I fell asleep) and then again once we got home. Poor D didn't get to see some last-minute 2009 action :)

Obviously we didn't "bring in the new year" or anything - very boring.

He told me he's not doing goals anymore (this is like someone telling me there's no sun!) as they don't work.

Hello??? Those babies are the result of one of my 2008 goals to get to the bottom of this infertility business and go to the best fertility clinic in SA to get a proper diagnosis and action plan.

Anyway, that's D. Personally I think it's just laziness :)

I saw a cool thing on Saffy's blog which I want to do here - a decade in review - but I'll leave that for yet another post although for now I will leave you with my one word for 2010 - consolidate.

This year I'm going to get back to basics with my health and fitness (oh! I've GAINED 1.7 kg since going back to work. It's those darn scrambled eggs at our canteen - delicious), spiritual life, relationship with D as a husband and wife and not just parents, and get my business back to where it was pre-pregnancy. Although one good thing - I still made more money in 2009 than I did in previous years so even though my visibility is low, what I did was still reasonably effective.

Two great things happened money-wise in the last week - we finally got our tax refund from those two IVFs (we could pay for half of a cycle so I'm happy - money!!!) and I cashed in some shares at work that vested (not taking a chance that I find a better job this year and lose out on that free money) so already our finances are looking a lot healthier.
So what's your theme for 2010?


  1. I wasn't really impressed with Julie and Julia was just ok.

    Unfortunately, my 2010 plan is so cliche'...I need to lose weight. I gained alot AFTER the boys were born...go figure!!! I went the gym yesterday and did Wii fitness last night...good start :-)

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. Um, I think my word might be "survival", lol!

  3. I love the ideal of being a wife and companion...not only a mother...without a good marriage, there is not family. Theme for this year...simplify.

  4. Hmm..I'll have to contemplate the theme for the year. I just had to add that I read Julie and Julia (one of the few books I got to this year!), and I was not impressed with it, either. Glad to know it wasn't just me! : ) (I probably won't waste my time on the movie.)

  5. 2010 is a recovery year. We're recovering financially and emotionally from 2008/2009. It's a big deal for us to get back to where we were "pre-IVF". I really need to get back into a healthy body. I look like I did when I was 4 months pregnant! It's horrible!


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