Monday, January 25, 2010

Look! A post with pictures

The babies are wearing bibs they received from Minx :)
Only took a month and 3 weeks to get here!

I have so much to say - hope I remember everything.

Project Get Fit and Lose Baby and Fertility Drugs Weight

Just came back from gym - this is week 3 - and guess what? I have GAINED 0.6 kg in the last week. I have NO idea what's going on and will be googling up a storm after this. We were chatting about birth control at work (fun team, right?) and a colleague said she gained 6 kg in about 3 months of being off the same BCP I was on (Yaz) so hmmm, what's up with that?

Nevertheless I persist because I HATE this stage of getting fit, where you look horrible, can't do much before being out of breath and basically hate every minute of being there. I also get an itchy bum and thighs (TMI) in the very beginning which has now stopped - really bad first week and then it goes. And I forget until the next time I let myself go, usually over December...


I've been going to work late so then I stay late. Then I get home late (and traffic gets worse the later you stay) so don't have enough time to do all I need to on the business as well as at home - cooking and such (I don't like takeaways so will almost never get food in). I then end up working late into the night which means I wake late after waking 2 - 3 times for the babies and the whole cycle repeats.

Last week I decided enough is enough. Come hell or high water, I'm getting to work on time. Today I was only 5 minutes late and I left on time. Have to stop the madness somewhere.

It's getting a lot harder to simply leave the office as most of them work a full day and the work keeps coming in... It's also getting to the point where I'm going to have to be assertive with talkative colleagues (the same one who put on 6kg!) so that I can stay productive and get my stuff done. I may have to put in my headphones (without music) to give the appearance that i don't want to be disturbed.

The good thing is I know I can do it as I worked like crazy today. I had to leave at 2 pm as my friend was visiting me at 2:30 so I got it done.

Baby updates Kendra

Kendra got her first tooth yesterday. She is also rolling up a storm. Back to tummy, tummy to back, crazy active. She's twisting and turning ALL the time. Cute until you try to change her nappy!


Connor has now discovered his toes. He gets very pleased with himself when he can get one of his feet in his mouth. Of course I keep wiping his feet clean!

He's also "sitting". By that I mean he props himself up like a triangle using his arms as support in front of his body.

This is also very cute until you try to bath him or feed him as he's obsessed with the toes :)


We had a successful outing to church yesterday. By that I mean they didn't scream too much and I actually caught about 70% of the message. Previous best 25%.

I have a confession to make. I went to church to avoid a visit from my MIL. Our church has two morning services and she usually goes to the first one and then comes to visit if we don't go to church (we go to the second one). Problem is if you're tired the last thing you want is to entertain someone else.

D keeps telling me we don't have to entertain her. Hmmmm. If you have to make tea, make conversation, can't do anything else while she's here, that's entertaining her.

We also had D's sister sleep over for a night last week which was just lovely - she gets better with age :)

So enough about me. What's been happening with you?

What's the best and worse thing that happened to you last week?

I'll go first - Kendra's tooth and a Crazy Connor overstimulation episode on Saturday night... but then he slept so well he only woke once!


  1. W- My period coming by for a visit.
    B- Getting a co-worker transfered, how horrible am I?

  2. Thank goodness the bibs did arrive - I'm glad they fit! :)
    Congrats on the new tooth, and the rolling, and the 'sitting' - gosh they're growing.
    To answer your question: Worst: a "special" interaction with mother, Best: sorting out Minxy's reflux issues that I can have my happy little baby back.

  3. Hmmm...I had a pretty good week, I guess, because it was hard to think of the worst!
    Best: Sunday lunch with our best friends and family after church/Addison learning to say "Bye, Bye, Bye"
    Worst: The dentist on Thursday morning!

  4. I think we have the same life, except for avoiding visits. We're not close enough for anyone to just drop by and my in-laws I love when they come by.

    But I'm trying to get in shape too and get to work early so I can leave early. And we've been getting better at taking the boys to church too.

    I think there is always some weight gain in the beginning as muscle weighs more than fat. So as we develop the muscle, it increases our weight.

    Good luck on all the fronts!

  5. The weight gain is probably due to an increase in muscle. You'll be burning more calories, even at rest, to maintain that muscle, and that in turn will help take off some of the fat, if you're eating sensibly. (I use Sparkpeople for my food journal. It's pointed out that I don't get nearly enough protein and carbs, and far too much fat.)

    I find it much more fulfilling (although it's more work than hopping on the scale) to track inch loss. Of course, I'm one of the lucky few who rarely fluctuates more than 2 kg or so. I do get flabby easily, though.


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