Thursday, January 07, 2010

My decade in review (part 1)

As promised, here is my decade in review.


A very busy year, work-wise. Started looking for a new job end of 1999 and was interviewing like crazy. Was made a job offer that I was not wild about but resigned based on that out of desperation. Fortunately the job that I actually wanted came through about a week into my notice period so that's where I ended up.


Great year, work-wise. Loved the company, loved my team, loved my boss, performed brilliantly, was given more staff, responsibility, etc. and was promoted with an unheard-of salary increase.


Decided to buy a house (had bought a townhouse prior to this). Looked around and eventually settled on a suburb with gorgeous old houses - wooden floors, pressed ceilings, charm everywhere. Put in offer which was accepted. The next week D announces that he can't stand it at work ONE MORE DAY and is resigning. I panic and tell him it's the worse Valentine's Day ever and he can't resign just yet. After doing the numbers we figure out he can be out of work for a maximum of 3 months because that's all the savings we have. Happily, he resigns.

Very stressful year as he ends up out of work for 6 months (as he is very specialised), all this with a new mortgage but we made it, thank the Lord.

Laparoscopy number 1.


Things are looking up financially. Work-wise, I go on a training programme and happen to write down some life goals. Suddenly once they're in writing I realise I can't continue to faff around and actually start doing something about the goals. Started writing a monthly motivational newsletter which I then emailed to friends.

Started coaching my staff and a few friends (all for free). Found my passion.

Wonderful boss decides to emigrate to Australia - very sad but new guy seems okay so optimistic.


Went to Singapore and Australia for our 9-year anniversary. WONDERFUL time. Loved Singapore's efficiency. Met up with wonderful boss for breakfast :)

When I got back I had laparoscopy number 2.

Meanwhile, new boss starts bugging the ________ out of me. Is TOTALLY manipulated by girls in the office and lack of backbone starts to be very evident.

Work starts being stressful due to new boss, office politics and lack of career growth in current position. So I start looking for new job within company. First time in my LIFE I get interviews without job offers (I happen to be great at interviews and usually once I make it to interview stage, they want me) so start getting very despondent after I apply for and don't get TWO different positions.

I turned 30 and suddenly started thinking about babies. Because of all the job madness we decide to wait til Jan to start trying.

Part 2 to follow



  1. Now I know your age! What was the laproscopy for - fertility? I only started reading your blog after your kids were born so I'm a bit behind (but realize it was a struggle!).

  2. So many things I could say but I'll behave ;)

    How did you like Singapore? I'm always if-y about countries where I can't even guess at the language.


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