Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365 & sleep gymnastics

This is Connor's new "trick" - sleep gymnastics. He twists around and when I come find him, this is what I see. The pillow has a teddy bear pillowcase.

He doesn't look in the least bit guilty, does he?

We've also found him twisted the other way so his little legs get stuck in between the bars of the cot. Of course, he then wakes when he tries to move his leg and gets frantic when he realises he's stuck.

D's had to move the cot bumper around so it's only at his head and all along this side. Since then, no more feet getting stuck and more peaceful sleep for all of us.

Am I the only one with kids who twist and turn in their sleep?


I've wanted to do a photo project for a loooooong time but the ones I've read about always seemed too restrictive or too complicated for an amateur like me.

Until this one.

I know that Mandy's doing it too and so is Claudia.

So I thought, "what the hell, let me do it too" so I started a separate photo blog.

Please be kind - I just like documenting things, I'm by no means a "photographer" - and I'm doing this as simply as possible, in other words, no words, just pictures.

Except for the organising photos as I'm sending people over from my organising blog to see those ones. Two birds with one stone and all that jazz...

Still it's the first time this year that I've had time to actually put the pics up.

I'm going to have to schedule an hour every week to upload and compress photos - have already made my Project 365 folder and am ready to go.

Is anyone else participating? It's not too late - you probably already have a photo a day if you check :)


  1. HA! Finley does the same thing! I will try to snap a picture of before and after. When I go in a night to get her her head is in the corner or right up against the crib...can't be comfortable!
    Zane doesn't move!

  2. Last night I found Tommy stuck under a soft toy that is tied to the side of the crib. He somehow not only picked it up, but got his head under it. Both boys are never in the same place they were when I put them down to sleep.

  3. Every baby I've known does that at some time, when they are learning to move around. It can be hilarious! I wish I had some pictures of some of the funny places Kendra would get into. But that was back when I could only afford 1 roll of 24 pictures a month. LOL I love digital cameras.

    On the other hand, my hard drive crashed today, and I'm praying hard that I haven't lost the last 3 years of pictures!!!

    And Kendra is 15 today. where does the time go?


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