Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A question about pedicures

I've only ever had two pedicures in my life. Yes, you read that right.

I just don't like people touching my feet...

Anyway, so first one was the day after I had the babies and then I had one last month just before I went back to work.

Now here's the thing - the first one was lovely, no problems. The second one was not in the least bit pleasurable.

The lady cut my toenails too much in the corners and four of the toes on my left foot are fine but my big toe has been tingly ever since. At one point it even throbbed from the pain.

So understandably I'm a bit scared of doing anything with my toes ever again but I badly need one of those paraffin dips as my heels are disgusting from being in flip flops the entire summer in blazing hot weather. And I bought a massage/ pedicure/ facial voucher for a very good price (not from the same place!). It was worth it just for one and a half treatments.

The pedicure is booked for Friday and I think I'll feel better knowing what to expect so I can tell her, "do it like this, not like that".

How are they supposed to cut your toenails?

Also, what, if anything, would you do about the first lady?
I think my toe is damaged in some way. I used to have bruised feet from pointe work (ballet) but never problem feet. So this is actually hampering my lifestyle - toes sore when I wear closed shoes, etc.


  1. Pedicures should NEVER hurt! When I was in SA now, the lady cut my big toenail skew and then painted on the skin around it to disguise that fact! I only found out when I got home and the toe was hurting...

    I would ask that they don't cut, just file.

    About the first pedicure. I would complain. That doesn't sound right at all. And I would see a podiatrist about the pain - they could have cut too short at the corners causing a slight ingrown.

    Good luck, and if anything hurts while they are doing the next pedicure, tell them straight away.

  2. Sounds like an ingrown (esp. the tingling). I am with the PP...file, don't cut. Sorry your feet hurt!

  3. i've never had a pedi because i refuse to let anyone touch my feet

  4. I agree with Rebecca, it sounds like an ingrown! I'd go back and let them know. I get pedis frequently because I love when my toes look pretty, and they usually do cut the corners of my nail, but never so extreme that it's hurt! That's crazy. I hope your nail isn't ingrown b/c you may need to see the podiatrist if it is. Good luck!

  5. I'm with t.bird on this one ;) But my one and only new year's resolution was to moisturise my feet every day, so I do care. That lady sounds like a bit of a butcher - ouch! I agree that stating 'file only' might be the way to go. Can you ask friends for recommendations?

  6. Might be ingrown (due to the structure of my nails, I get that problem all the time / have major nail issues) Mabye try to soak it for a few days and wear really comfy shoes.

    Before the pedi just say to either not cut them / just file, or to cut straight across and no cornering.


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