Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Question time - how many blogs do you read?

I wrote in a post ages ago that I had 76 blogs in my Google Reader.

I'm ashamed to say I've since added more and my subscriptions are now at .......... 81

Saffy asked how I have the time to read 76 blogs and the truth is I don't. I'm going to go through the feeds and declutter some. I'm addicted to the infertility stories because I was there and I GET what these women are going through but on the other hand, it's heartbreaking. So I keep reading, hoping and praying for a positive result and a live, take home baby for them.

  • Fortunately not all of the bloggers post daily so on any given day, I only have about 30 - 40 blog posts to read at any one time.
  • I subscribe to a couple of photography and cooking blogs, just for the pictures.
  • I also subscribe to some typical mommy blogs, just to see cute kids, but I never comment.
  • I also keep up with my "competition" so read about 10 organising blogs and a couple of business blogs.

I definitely don't comment on a lot of blogs and for those bloggers I'm not very friendly with, only if I really want to say something.

Okay, just went through my subscriptions and am now down to 68. The aim is 60. I comment on about 15 of those regularly :)

But that made me curious - how many blogs do you read and how many do you comment on regularly?


  1. I read tons of blogs, I think I have about 60 or so in my Google Reader but I dont read all the feeds, depends on how Im feeling. I battle to comment on all the blogs but I do read!

  2. I have in my reader over 100 blogs. I get behind frequently and only comment on maybe 5 - 10 regularly. Lately, I find myself seeking out blogs of moms of twins. It seems to help me.

    And on the sleep thing, someone once told me that you shouldn't try to get them to sleep through the night until the baby is over 15 lbs. Sorry you'll need to do the math to kg. I'm exhausted!

  3. I have a clutter-phobia. So my reader only has 30 or so, all of which I read daily. Of those 30, I only comment on a handful. I never have much to add and who wants me to tell them how cute their kid(s) are-they already know! No new IVF blogs because then I'd just want to start all over again myself. The majority of mine are IVF to baby or twin blogs.

    I'm fearful that once I finish pumping for good I'll disappear from the blogosphere-then I'm not sure what will keep me sane!

  4. I have no idea b/c every single time I read comments, I'm drawn to read someone else's blog! Yikes!!! It depends on the day, how busy we are, and how late the kids get up. It can be addicting and I don't comment on all of them either.

  5. Thanks for commenting on Multiples and More. I "follow" a ton of blogs too and don't have time to read them all.......I just like the option to browse when I have time. Congrats on being a mommy. Precious. :)

  6. Good question, Leigh. How many blogs do I read every single post? Maybe 25-35. How many blogs do I try to keep up with as best I can? Probably nearly 100. Insanity. And as for commenting, I'm getting worse and worse! (but still love hearing about how Kendra and Connor are doing!!!!)


  7. I have 47 in the Blog Roll in my sidebar. I had to stop using my Google reader as it had hundreds and that was totally unrealistic. I'd delete them only to have the mysteriously show up again, so I just quit using it.

    Looking at my blog roll there are seriously 5 or 6 I could go ahead and delete today as either the blogger has not posted in months or I've stopped reading for one reason or another.

    Of those remaining 40ish I routinely comment on 21 of them.

    There are a few that I've found via others blog rolls that I occasionally check in on and have toyed with the idea of adding them to my blog far I have resisted :)

  8. I have 48 blogs that I follow. Probably 40 of them are infertility-related, 5 are maybe people I know IRL, and a couple are just people who are amazing Christians that inspire me. A few of the infertility ones are duplicate blogs where the person wrote before about infertility and the switched to a new blog once they got pregnant. Only a handful of people write everyday, so most days I read about 10 different posts, and I try to comment on most of them.

  9. I would bet I'm getting close to the high 50's. My problem is I read one and that leads me to another and then another and so on. Which is exactly how I ended here. Then they have a baby close to my babies age and have gone through what I went through and I'm addicted.

    Hi, my name is Kahla and I'm addicted to other infertiles' blogs.

  10. Oh, I'm much too busy to count them. :)

    I probably have 20 I read regularly, and another 40 or so in my reader that I either pick through from time to time or clear out after a month or so of not reading.

  11. Oh man, I'm such a ludite. I don't have Google Reader set up, but I have about 10 *favourites* and about another 30 that I visit when time permits. A refreshing mix of: women who've struggled to have babies and now have gorgeous little families, marketing and new product/innovation, cooking and craft. So pretty much the *norm* me thinks.


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