Monday, January 25, 2010

quick update

Life has been so incredibly busy lately, something I'm not enjoying. I do like my down time (ha!)

But I promise to post tonight after the babies are in bed.

Also, if you've missed my comments on your blogs :) I'm having a problem commenting, definitely on those of you (Saffy) who have the comment box but sometimes on other blogs too.


When time is so short, that's the last thing I need and I don't have time to type up individual emails to you.

Chat soon!


  1. I understand busy! And I've been getting your comments just fine. Thanks!

  2. Argh! Sorry :( Any ideas on how I fix it?

  3. You wouldn't believe the other half is a software developer would you? I'm such a numpty! Anyway, I've changed my comments box to a pop up like yours - hope that helps.

    Make sure you take time to breathe :)


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