Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scrambled eggs

So, the weight thing...

I'd got back to my pre-pregnancy weight (59 kg exactly, in case you're interested) ONE week before I started work, to the day.

Then I relaxed.

Which is not a good thing when you still want to lose another 2 kg of fertility drugs weight.

We have a WONDERFUL canteen and coffee shop at work and I'm partial to their French toast and scrambled eggs.

I have a thing for scrambled eggs done properly (there's a restaurant at my closest shopping centre and that chef does THE BEST scrambled eggs, ever! I first ordered them when pregnant because I found myself craving eggs at one point and since then I haven't stopped. They serve breakfasts the whole day and I order those scrambled eggs every time I'm there. The waiters think I'm nuts because I RAVE about those eggs but seriously, that guy knows how to do good scrambled eggs :) It's Mugg and Bean, Bedford Centre, if anyone in Johannesburg's reading).

That, and the Christmas eating, and the chocolate and me eating my biscuits (cookies) have resulted in me GAINING a whopping 3kg.


I'm actually embarrassed to write that down but I'm doing it because I want you to hold me accountable.

I'm not one for making excuses so it's all me but I do think stopping the birth control has something to do with it. I am starving all the time!

You're asking why I stopped. Because I was going crazy on it - highly irritable and feeling like everything is wrong in my world the week before my period.

I know that's weird because usually you gain weight from going on the pill. Hmm, apparently not in my case.

BUT I'm going to eat properly for a month and go to gym twice a week and then see if it isn't only the effects of Christmas and scrambled eggs.

So far I have literally dragged myself to gym twice this month (the dance classes only started up this week and I can't be bothered with those machines - yawn...) and yes, I hate every minute, especially seeing my fat thighs and tummy in those horrible mirrors.

I am eating my usual breakfast and lunch so that's not torture (well, eating hardly is for me!) - wholewheat toast, chunky cottage cheese and cucumber slices/ cup a soup (if cold weather)

So that's the weight thing - I will tell you next week how I'm doing.

P.S. OH! Speaking of rude comments, yesterday at the gym a lady asks me, "so when are you going to get rid of your tummy" or something like that. I was very cool... and simply said, "well, they say with a pregnancy you should give yourself 9 months to get back your shape, so since I had twins, I'm giving myself 18 months" - not really true (I want it gone asap) but that shut her up. Also to be fair, she was a Chinese lady and her English was not that good so I don't think she really meant to be rude! At least I hope not...


  1. Lots of luck! I'm trying to get back to exercising at home. But I'd also say if I had a New Year's Resolution (and I don't really believe in those but starting at anytime) is to bring in my own coffee/tea, lunches and snacks instead of eating food from the cafeteria or coffee shop at my work. It's mostly to try to save some money everyday now that we have three and not just one child to get through college someday, but I have to say the benefits to my hipline (not waistline as I gain all my weight in my hips) has been awesome!

  2. Heather, the sad thing is I do pack breakfast and lunch for work – in Dec things were so quiet that I’d take a walk to the canteen… just to see…. And walk out with those darn scrambled eggs and french toast.

    But I will not go there until at least Jan is over and I’ve stuck to my plan!

  3. Good luck! I've gone to that Mugg & Bean plenty of times, but havent tried their scrambled eggs :)

  4. THAT'S IT!!! I need 18 months b/c I had twins...seeing as how mine turn 17 months on the 18th, I still have some time!

  5. Oh ANOTHER *charming* lady huh??! Where do these people get off? Were there parents not big on manners? AND I must say at a whopping 59kg (or perhaps +3) that your belly can't honestly be that big, surely? Maybe some flabby skin but you'd expect that? I guess it's a compliment to the rest of your body :)

    Is that exciting that you're off the bc? There's always that sneaky chance....

    I'm thankful that my work's cafe does AWFUL rubbery scrambled eggs. If they were good (i.e. made with cream and topped with herbs and black pepper) I'd be in terrible trouble. The closest I came was the local pub that did cheese scones for morning tea - they were my once a week vice.

  6. LOL about the comment to the lady! Good for you for 1) getting all the weight off and 2) getting all the weight off again! :)

    I know you can do it! Great job getting to the gym! I'm hoping I can start visiting the gym around here, but naps/b'feeding/getting dressed myself usually inhibits me making the one class I'm interested in. Maybe I'll just do the machines thing. Maybe...

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  7. Apparently not!

    Saffy, well, if I wasn’t so vain, I’d post a pic on the blog but I am, so NO! The flab is not so much anymore – it is now more belly than flab.

    Trust me, there is NO chance of surprise pregnancies. We’d have to be at it like rabbits and we’re not LOL

  8. Good luck Marcia, and anyway, you look beautiful! Aren't some people in gyms insensitive? I remember once I went to join a gym and the girl who took me on the tour of the gym told me I needed to "Firm up that bum!" I could NOT believe she said that and I'm pretty sure I left the place in tears vowing never to return! Lol :-)


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