Friday, January 15, 2010


As you know, Connor started cereal at 4 months and it was going so well that I was scared to mess with a good thing by starting the veggies.

These babies are more than enough work at the best of times.

However, someone (Amy) said something like "oh, just do it" and I decided to go for it.

My baby textbook, Baby Sense, said to first start with all the yellow veggies, so he had butternut, pumpkin, sweet potato and then carrots.

They say you should introduce one food to a baby at a time, for four days, to check for allergies, so that's what we did, although some weeks he ate the same veggie for 6 days in a row if I made more than 4 days' worth.

Yes, I make my own baby food - more on that later.

Then we started mixing some of those foods - like sweet potato and pumpkin.

And then we went to see the paed. Can't remember if I said (and to lazy to read through old posts) but he was very happy that they'd started solids (!). He also told me to not blend the food too fine as he's seen lots of babies who eat Purity (that's the most common baby food in a jar here and is so smooth) and now cannot eat anything with lumps or textures because they start gagging and vomiting simply because they're not used to it.

Well, I am certain of one thing - I don't plan to have fussy eaters so I decided to do more textures there and then.

Enter gem squash. Which is stringy..... so I thought, "well, if Connor doesn't like it, then D will have to finish the squash". I'm not one for gems...

Viola (the nanny) told me that Connor LOVED the gem squash and had no problem with the stringiness.

(I've just looked up the reference on Wikipedia and now, for the first time in my life I find that gem squash is a fruit!!!)

This boy likes his food.

We started him on fruits last Saturday - so far he's had Granny Smith apples (my favourites) and bananas. Next on the menu are pears.

As for the cereal, he's had rice cereal and maize cereal. (South Africans, the paed said he could have normal mielie meal!)

He can also have yoghurts and when they're properly 6 months (8 months actual) we can start introducing mince and chicken. Hmmm, I'm a bit wary of that.

But the main thing is this - I got that we can experiment with lots of different textured food.


Now Kendra started cereal a month later, at 5 months.

She is not so keen on the food and eats s l o w l y. Dear Lord, you need the patience of Job.

And, sadly, she eats better for Viola than she does for us. But we've been observing V so now we prop her up in exactly the same way and give her lots of encouragement (lots of "good girl") and it's going a tiny bit faster.

She's also had rice cereal and maize cereal. More keen on the maize than the rice cereal.

On Thursday last week (exactly 6 months) we started her veggies. She's had pumpkin and is now on the butternut.

So far so good.

I think she's getting more used to food because I've actually seen her open her mouth ready for the next spoon. This is huge for Kendra :)

At the moment she's eating half the amount of veggies as Connor and about two-thirds his amount of cereal.

Oh, one more thing the paed said (can you tell I got my money's worth - I peppered him with SO many questions) is that they eat better if they touch the food.

oooh, gross! (I hate messes but I'm learning to tolerate them)

So here we go, Kendra getting into her food.

P.S. you'll have noticed I don't have high chairs for the babies and quite honestly, I don't know that I need them until they can eat by themselves. I have to hold down Connor's hands otherwise there's food EVERYWHERE (worse than Kendra).


  1. I started Josiah on solid foods after his 4 month appointment (around Christmas time). I've heard varying opinions about which foods to start with, depending on whether you want the baby to like it more (start with yellow and orange foods-sweeter) or whether you want them to get used to one food before they won't eat it anymore since it's not as sweet (start with green foods and veggies with fruit last). I started Josiah on green beans and then peas. Today I'm moving to a different color veggie if I can't find anything else green. Maybe I'll write my own food post soon.

    Also, my dr. told me to hold Josiah's hands down when I'm feeding him to teach him self-control. That's one way to think about it. I put him in his carseat and feed him if I'm alone, or I have someone else hold him while I feed him if they are there. I don't use a highchair yet. I have considered getting a booster seat which he can use now and later, or getting a bumbo-type seat for the same reason. Just some ideas.

  2. They're adorable in a messy kind of way :) I wonder why the recommendation is to start with yellow foods? It's kinda cool to be focusing on one colour block first. Of course I didn't know that and have randomly tried D on things on a whim. Savoury is the definite winner. We have to hold D's hands down too - even for a bottle. I feel like we've got her in a straight jacket. Cruel to be kind huh? :) I can't fathom how you can manage 2 on solids. I guess it's all about time management AND you know no different huh? Thanks for the pics - they're great.

  3. I sat my granddaughters in their car seats (the ones that snap into a base in the car) forever. Probably past a year old as they were both pretty petite. I also spread a dish towel from under the bib to as far down as it would reach to try to protect their clothes. It never failed they'd get their hands in it and smear it all over their clothes. The dish towel saved their outfits many, many times!

  4. I am so glad you wrote about this!! I will be starting this after their 4 month appt! I am excited and anxious! I just hope it goes well for oth of them!

  5. Soooo exciting! We used the bumbos for a while too. They were fine...much more control for Mom. My Hailey eats slower than her brother's like they're a different species, right?

  6. Oh I'm so nervous about solids! I just need to suck it up and do it already. I'm glad the foods are going well. We have the booster seats with trays that attach to a regular chair. The idea of having two full size high chairs in my tiny house just didn't fly. You are sooo brave to feed them on the couch, I couldn't stand the through of mess... :)

  7. Ah, baby food mess. I miss the days of "we'll eat whatever you give us". Now I have my two planning dinner in the car on the way to school in the morning. "We'll have grilled cheese sandwiches, spinach with ketchup, and couscous for dinner, Mama." (I've emphasized the need for protein, starch, and veggies at every meal.)

    I made my own baby food too. Buying the premade stuff just doesn't make financial sense when you have two. Have you seen any of Annabel Karmel's recipes?

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention ... we didn't start solids until age 6 months, but that's because I had SEVERE food allergies as a child, so we waited until age 4 months corrected. No allergies so far!

  9. Mandy, the Bumbo seat in my humble opinion is a bit of a waste of money (even though it’s made by a South African and I’m hugely patriotic!) because they use it for about a month or two and then their legs can’t fit in. Connor has been using his for about a month and we’re done because his legs get stuck. Kendra will be able to stay for a good while still but she’s not supposed to be that small...

    Poppy, GREAT idea about the dishtowels!

    Saffy, I honestly haven't even questioned WHY we start with yellow veggies. I heard from a number of people including the paed and the nurse at the clinic who weighs them. It was all consistent so I just assumed that's how everyone did it.

    We do stagger their feeds otherwise it would be MORE of a madhouse than it already is. And I’m organised – take the food out the freezer in the morning, get correct amount of water ready for cereal, etc, etc.

    Mandibula, those couches are about 15 years old (as you can see) so I really don't care if they're messed on!

    Sadia, you see but I LOVE the way you’re ALREADY teaching them a balanced diet.

    Haven’t heard about her but will Google in a moment.

  10. LaRue is 4 months old today. But it will be a while yet before I introduce solids. I tend to wait until they are sitting up on their own and reaching for and trying to imitate eating our food. If she is awake, she sits on a lap while we eat. I just don't feel the need to push them onto solids. Though I have a sister who starts hers at 2 weeks.

    Most of mine started eating between 7 and 10 months. Kendra was my earliest eater, and Vannan my slowest so far. I also don't expect the solids to become part of their calorie intake for quite some time - usually after they are walking. I let them wean themselves off the breast and onto solids. So I'll feed them bites of what we are eating - smashed our ground up - and then nurse after the meal. Over a month or two, as they learn to eat, they eat more at the meal and nurse less afterwards.

    I make my own babyfood at home, but buy canned stuff for going out.

    And I just refuse to let them make huge messes. I don't hold their hands down, but I do put a bib on and constantly wipe their faces and hands. I've noticed that parents that insist the baby stay neat end up with very neat eating 2 and 3 year olds with pretty good manners. And the ones who let them totally explore their food and dump it on their heads and floor, seem to end up with very messy eaters still at 6 and 7.

    I'm not perfect. Just Friday night, Tim's dad was commenting on how much food Joel had dropped while he ate.


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