Saturday, February 27, 2010

*ahem* the weight gain

I still believe that some of the extra weight I'm lugging around has to do with my hormones but I've realised that nutrition and exercise (or lack thereof) also plays a part.

I used to belong to weigh-less about 4 years ago (in those days I wanted to lose about 5 kg and get to 52 kg - I made it to 54 kg and then stopped because our group leader left and it was too much of a schlep to find a new group) - in fact, that was the reason I could wear those short shorts in Thailand.

I still have the book and actually, we still eat the same way. I just don't weigh everything obsessively like I used to.

BUT when the weight started piling on, I hauled out the book and figured out what I'm doing wrong:

  • I don't eat enough protein (most days have 2 portions when i should have 3) - need to add another low-fat portion. The easiest for me is something like lentils, chick peas, kidney beans or cheese
  • I don't eat enough vegetables - again need to add a portion as I do have two portions easily
  • My carb portions are too big in the evening (this has always been my downfall) - do you know what 140 grams of pasta or rice look like? Tiny! And that's two complex carbs.

So I'm trying but it's going too slow for me - only have had about a 0.5 kg loss in 3 weeks. I know if I do it properly I can lose that in one week.

When I was on WL before, I had an excel spreadsheet that I used to plan a week's meals at a time. It would tell me where I wasn't eating enough so I knew I had to add more of this or that.

The thing with Weigh-Less is if you follow the formula, it works. You can't eat some of it; you have to eat it all. Most people think the less food you eat, the better but that's just not true.

The meal above?

2 complex carbs (Weigh-Less wraps), 2 protein (100 g lean, skinless chicken and 20 g cheese), 2 veg (onions, tomatoes, lettuce, grated carrots), 1 fat (1 Tbsp olive oil to stirfry the chicken).

I need to look through my back-up discs to find that spreadsheet!

Of course there's also the exercise thing. Two people recently have told me I need to exercise more if I want to lose weight - the biokineticist and doctor who are based at our work.

I know this but I HAVE TWINS! Oy!

Just getting to the gym twice a week is a miracle in itself. But I suppose I could do some weights here at home while I watch the Bold and the Beautiful :), my relaxation.

I don't want to make excuses for my weight because then I'll get used to being this size. Yes, I have had a twin pregnancy but so what - if Heather can look fabulous, then so can I :)

I still have not bought any new clothes and I don't intend to...

So I'm at 62,5 now - I want to get down to pre-fertility meds weight of 57 kg. Of course I'd be in heaven if ever I could get down to 55 kg again but as the doctor told me, I'm OLD and my metabolism is slow...

Is anyone else out there wanting to lose some weight?
I want to check in with someone every week (it's a bit boring to write about my eating on the blog all the time..........)


  1. Thanks for the shout out, but I seriously need to tone up and I'm having the same problem of not finding time to exercise now that I have twins. Any ideas, coach?

  2. I would love to jump on the weight lose band wagon. I need to find out an appropriate weight for my size. Pre-IVF was under-weight and very twiggy, immediately after babies I was a healthy weight, and now I'm bordering over-weight! Staying at home is dangerous to the diet! I need to find a site that will tell me what I should weigh! Now that the weather is warming up I definitely need to get it in gear.

  3. I struggle to get enough protein too, so I have a bowl of lentils and veggies every night before bed. My Sparkpeople nutrition tracker recently told me I got too much fibre one day. I love vegetables, and have discovered that my diet is lacking in everything else!

    I've found exercise (cardio and weight) DVDs to be my saving grace. There are a number in which you can use your babies for resistance. Have you considered those? Just searching for "baby exercise dvd" on Amazon or your online seller of choice.

  4. I was just about to lose my mind this January (after getting weighed at the doctor's office), these are the changes I made:

    * Serious carb restriction
    * More veggies/fruits (less juice)
    * No carbs if I eat dinner late at night...just meat and veg.
    * Eating earlier rather than waiting until after the twins went to bed.
    * Less fast food...admittedly, I imbibed in this too many times per week!
    * Serious increase in cardio. I now spin/cycle at least 2x per week (even if it means getting up early on weekend and Husband watching the babies rather than lounging like I really want to).
    * At least two/three more gym visits for elliptical and weights...I've also gotten up to 90 push-ups (real push-ups) in one day (sets of ten). I had to work my way up though.

    I have lost 9 of the 12 pounds that I was trying to lose since January. I have NOT decreased my wine intake...I'm not crazy! My gym has a daycare which helps a ton...does yours? It has taken an immense commitment on my part, but that's also why I recently purchased my bathing suits for the summer...they're my motivation.

  5. One more thing...even though I have lost the weight, my stomach still looks like an elephant's knee...I don't think anything but surgery will change that! Ugh!!!

  6. Nice work getting back to your nutritional roots ;)

    As you know I'm going thru the crash course on carb counting and I'd forgotten just how many carbs are in things ala a serve of pasta. Crikey. Agreed, protein is key too - keeps the hunger pangs at bay.

    Keep us posted!


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