Thursday, February 25, 2010

blog stuff

ooooh *squeal* I see Blogger now has pages - I am BEYOND excited

I've done About Me and Why 123 blog pages.

What else do you think I should put there?


  1. Pages?? I'll have to check on that. I think I'll make a Pre-babies/IF/IVF page so I don't have that constant reminder on my main page. It can be all babies that way!

  2. That IS exciting!! Hmmmm.... now just finding the time to play....

  3. I'm thrilled with pages, too. I used posts that pre-dated my actual blog to fill that need.

    I did "About", "The Cast", and a text-based Blog Roll, since I have only the 5 most recently updated blogs on my sidebar. I may do a page on the charities we support, and why.


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