Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Conversations at birthday party

So D was telling me about another conversation he had at my friend's kids' birthday party

Stranger: Who's this?

D: This is Connor.

Stranger: Is he your son?

D: Yes

Stranger: How old is he?

D: 7 months

Stranger: And who's that?

D: Oh, that's Kendra.

Stranger: And how old is she?

D: Also 7 months

Stranger: Are they twins?

D: Yes

Stranger: Took me some time, didn't it?

D: *laughs*

MEN! Can't they just talk?!


  1. I've asked my husband that question. The answer is, they'd rather grunt. (Fine by me - I do 90% of our talking.)

  2. D could've had real fun and said "no they're not" hehehe

  3. LOL! I had someone ask if they were twins- and then follow that by asking if they were the same age.

  4. This morning he tells me about another one of those conversations - this time he cut to the chase and said, "yes, they're twins" :)

    He's learning!

  5. He he he he! I constantly get - "Are they girls?" when they are both fully clothed in PINK!!!


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