Saturday, February 13, 2010

Like a list, only more wordy

Gee what a week.

The sleep issues continue but thanks to some of the comments on the sleep post, I immediately introduced lentils to both of them and saw an immediate improvement in their sleep (both only waking up twice a night now).

Loved reading this post and even cried a little, sap that I am.

Had a HORRIBLE day at work on Thursday - my access disc was "dead" and I had a wonderful time holding up a queue of cars behind me (that, in itself, doesn't bother me - it's the people shouting out "helpful" comments like "turn the disc around" and "swipe the middle of the card". Grrrr), my lipstick fell down the drain (a brand new one) and I had to drive to a meeting I was not prepared for to a place I'd never been (I do not deal well with the unknown).

Fortunately, the meeting was great, I could actually add value which made the huge schlep worthwhile. I took the opportunity to go straight home afterwards, thus arriving home an hour earlier.

Kendra is now crawling. I mentioned before that she is Spirited so she screams if anything doesn't go her way - she's impatient to go places, almost like her body's holding her back and after an effort or two, she screeches because she can't move as fast as she'd like. Oh, we are in for fun times around here. I've bought plug covers and those plastic corners for the tables and now D has to do his man stuff to babyproof the place.

Connor finally got that rolling means he can go places. I saw the cutest thing in the world (of course I'm biased) when I peeked in on him last night and saw him all sprawled out on his back (he hasn't slept on his back since he was about 9 weeks old) with his arms above his head. He looked a bit like someone dancing :)

My book arrived! Sadia referenced the Annabel Karmel baby food book in one of my baby food posts. I swear I wanted to start cooking just from looking at the pics. I've bought the stuff and will cook a recipe with chicken this week. I've already learned such a lot - mainly that my poor kids are eating seriously boring food and baby food can be a lot more exciting.

Have had the most terrible internet week EVER. Don't I sound like a drama queen?! 1 - 1.5 hours to work on your business + S L O W internet = HUGE frustration. I've phoned the ISP twice, they tell me the same rubbish (everything is fine on our side, reboot, unplug the modem, blah blah blah) which of course I've already done a gazillion times and STILL 5 - 10% connectivity. Miraculously it's been around 50% since Friday afternoon so not great, but manageable. Finally had a chance to catch up on posting my Project 365 pics.

And now, some cute pics from church last weekend.

we'd rather have her sleeping than screaming :)

she is OUT!

I think Connor's trying to tell me something

look how tall he's getting

these are Connor's toes sticking out of the blanket when he fell asleep

How has your week been?


  1. Way to sleep kiddos! I can't believe K is crawling, doesn't that mean they're have begun their take over? I am terrified of the girls becoming mobile!

    My week has been filled with snow. If you're still interested in playing in the snow I could fedex you some! We've got PLENTY! I'm REALLY looking forward to DH going back to work Tuesday! LOL! Hope you have a better week! I'm off to check out that baby food book!

  2. How can the kids already be 7 months 1 week old? How can K be crawling?? :O Tell them to slow down :)

    Funny you mention Annabel - I'm currently cooking D her beef casserole - smells good enough for us to eat! Look forward to hearing what you make.

  3. I love that your kids are crawling and rolling. Josiah is rolling ALL OVER the place. He also pushed himself up on his hands and knees today, but then to propel himself forward, he straightens out his arms and legs and balances on his tummy like superman flying. He tries so hard to lunge forward but doesn't go anywhere without rolling. It won't be long, though.

    You should've gotten a picture of Connor sleeping, but I'm sure you don't want to risk waking him up.

    My week hasn't been great, but I'm getting better. Stress with daycare and busy days, but nothing horrible. :-)

  4. Hurray! I'm glad you like the Karmel book. I have one of her "family" recipe books and should take a look at it. Melody has suddenly become a good eater, so I'd like to add some things to her palate while I can.

    Crawling! Oh, that's when I discovered that I simply had to let my standards slide. Fortunately, I had my Scooba and Roomba to help me vacuum and mop every day. Crawling babies + cats are a poor combination. :)


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