Tuesday, February 02, 2010

money and other randomness

I just finished doing our January budget and am happy to report that things are looking up!

I never thought I'd be happy to be paying R5 500 a month on babies but when you put it in context it looks great.

We've now had 6 full months of baby expenses and I'm horrified to say we've spent R52 500.

That's $7 000.


Only God knows where all that money came from because it's definitely not in our monthly expense budget. Oh yes, that's right - my annual bonus at work and a depleted joint savings account!

We had 3 months of between R10 and R12 000 (the night nanny months) but thank God those days are over.

I still exceeded the budget by a couple of hundred but I'm thinking I may have to adjust the budget.

This month I paid the nanny overtime to come in two Saturdays for a few hours each time. This was so I could get some work done and that worked out quite well.

She's also keen (more money for her) so it's win-win.

I may have to do this for a few months while I find my groove working/ babies/ business because I'm getting behind on my household stuff and my freezer meals are running out.


Cooked up a storm today - mostly baby food (there are now 22 baby meal portions in my freezer, neatly labelled of course) but also some Weigh-Less meals for me. Was totally inspired reading about Sarah's weight loss today and had to get moving on the food while still motivated.


The other night I decided I needed a treat and ordered myself (and a friend, but she doesn't know) some jewellery on Etsy. Can't WAIT for the pieces to arrive.


Am reading the Baby Whisperer. Why, oh why, did I not read this book sooner? Am LOVING it.

So... are you having a good week thus far?

P.S. Have decided to go to the Elton John concert - after all, it's on my life list! :)

P.P.S. It's POURING with rain as I type this - LOVELY - and now I'm off to bed.

P.P.P.S. Must blog about the nanny!


  1. Argh, I posted and it didn't go thru :(

    The short version -
    Budget: I bet you've still done it much more reasonably that you could have done - I know people who set aside US$8k for 1 baby and that was just the set up costs. I felt really cheap comparatively.

    Baby food - impressive! I freeze ice cubes worth and then pop them in containers in the freezer. Current fave is potato, carrot, silverbeet and pea.

    Elton - v glad you're going - you won't regret it :)

    Baby Whisperer - I love that book too. Except in our house because of the reflux it's AE(cuddle)SY. Still works!

    Good week here because the sun is shining (seriously you'd love the weather here ;) ), the house is tidy, Minxy's sleeping, we have nowhere to be today so we can just chill... perfect :)

  2. That book is awesome...mine was opened to the table of cries (probably not the actual name of it) for the first 3 months...saved my sanity!

  3. Glad your week is upbeat. Mine is terrible. It's 9:30 pm and I'm still working and I had to wait an HOUR to see my OB today until I pitched a fit and told them I needed to see someone else. Wish I could to that to my clients. And we figured out that with kid number three our nanny costs (not including kid food, medicine, clothing) is going to be north of $50k. Ugh. Which I guess why am I still working.

  4. I'm having a fairly good week, too! Am truly motivated to get stuff done around the house, so I'm getting little chunks done each day!

    Seriously, I feel stupid asking, but with the baby food... do you just boil the fruits/veggies, the freeze them? Also, how many mL in each container? I asked you this before in your previous post, so I guess I should check to see if you responded on the comment section! LOL

    Wow... seeing the cost you've incurred makes me extemely proud of you for doing this debt-free (woohoo) & humbled. No complaining of money-related issues for us! :)

    And good for you to go to the concert! I hope you'll love it!

  5. Rachel, you're not the first person to ask - I will do a lovely detailed post later this week. SORRY! You did ask before ;)

    Saffy, oh YES, as you know I'm cheap so probably most of that money was necessities!

    Mommy Esq - oh my WORD. I think I'd have a heart attack at those costs. Thank God I live in South Africa.

    Rebecca, there's a table of cries? Must go look and investigate LOL

  6. It's funny that no matter where you are in the world, some things are still the same. Last night I was working on our budget too. Things are looking OK. Of course they could always be better.

    I was also making baby food yesterday too. I have some more to make today. Yesterday I made sweet potatoes with green beans. Today I'm going to make brown rice cereal with peas and corn.

    I got a treat last night, ordering some seeds for starting a garden last night. I'm excited to have those arrive and start the growing season.

    I haven't read The Baby Whisperer, but I do think it's awesome you're going to the concert!!!!


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