Sunday, February 21, 2010

Travelling with twins and a second birthday party

I wrote a blog post that is scheduled to publish tomorrow about how D and I used to travel before babies.

We LOVE travelling so no surprise that I started thinking a lot about travelling after writing that post.

It also doesn't help when you keep getting Flight Centre's newsletter in your inbox!

One of my goals for this year is to take a holiday (vacation) as a family. At the time I was doing the goal-setting (nearly two months ago), it was still a very scary thought.

But now I've been thinking about it some more it doesn't quite scare me that much.

I've been having some deep revelations (ha!) lately about all things parenting........ and basically I'm at the point where it's all about attitude, doing what you can to prepare and then going with the flow.

That said, there are certain things I know for a fact I'll need to have in place WHEN (not if) we travel later this year.

This is what I'm thinking to ease us into travelling with babies:

Definitely somewhere local so the flight's not longer than two hours - I'm thinking Knysna, Plett, somewhere along the Garden Route...

Our last visit to Knysna - May 2007 for 12-year wedding anniversary
This was the view from our chalet

Breakfast was delivered to us every morning and we'd look out on that view. Notice I told D to take pics of the food not of me as I was in pj's :)

Self-catering flat so we have kitchen and laundry facilities, or a hotel with a fridge in the room

No high expectations - I will consider it successful if we make it there and back in one piece and get a couple of good photos at the beach.

Other ramdomness:

We went to our SECOND birthday party today. Thank goodness no mommy-comparing-milestones talk although I must confess I only spoke to two other young mommies. The strangest thing is D was engaged in some daddy-comparing talk about reflux and teeth :) Apparently a baby who's a year old has no teeth. When we got home and he told me (you know how you do that whole comparing thing afterwards) I was like "so? he's working on something else" My, my, I've come a long, long way!

The babies were much better behaved than at their first party; this time the meltdown only happened after two hours! We literally got to the car and Connor was out like a light. Poor boy was exhausted by all the PEOPLE like his daddy :)

After the cake was cut, my friend, C, said thank you to everyone for coming and then said something so beautiful I cried (behind my sunglasses). "I never imagined that we'd ever have a day like this because I didn't think I'd ever have children" Paraphrased but you get the gist. Beautiful.

Home for "supper" (I still get a kick out of them having supper at 4 - 4:30 like old people :)) and baths and I expect them to sleep beautifully tonight after all that activity - church AND a social :)

Speaking of church, it gets better every time we go. We have not had anymore rude comments, typical, just as we decide what to say to people!

How was your weekend?

Edited to add
P.S. I'd just hit publish (9pm) when Kendra cried and woke Connor - so much for sleeping beautifully!

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