Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What do you spend on nappies every month?

Oh, nappies = diapers :)

We had such fun with the cost of formula post that I thought we should do another one of these.

Kendra currently wears Pampers 2. Can you believe she only went into them at 6 months?! I could have kept her in Pampers 1 for another week or so but I liked the neatness of it being exactly 6 months.

Connor's wearing Pampers 3 but this is probably the last bag he'll use as he needs to move to Pampers 4.

We've discussed my addiction to Pampers before - I can't even THINK about putting them in something else.

Now let's talk money.

I buy their nappies at Toys R Us. They've had a special for the last couple of months where a jumbo pack costs R162. It usually costs R215 so big saving.

The babies each go through about two bags a month. If you're interested, K's has 94 and C's 82.

During the day we change their nappy every 3 - 4 hours, sometimes longer if they're napping, but always immediately if they make a poo! I'll confess that with big poos, I just dump the baby in the bath - can't be bothered to wipe all that :)

At night we play it by ear. If the nappy looks full we change, otherwise we rather let them go to sleep. One thing I will brag about with my babies - they are like DOLLS in the middle of the night. Not a peep out of them once they're fed. Plop them down and they're asleep. No rocking, patting, nothing. Again, if there's a poo, immediate change.

Back to the nappies.

So for the month, they cost R650 on special and R860 normal price. Big difference.

To make it easier to compare, let's assume the R/ US$ is still R7,50 to $1. Technically it's around R7,71 (as I was driving home from gym today).

Then we spend $87 on nappies every month.

Is that a bargain? What do you pay for nappies/ diapers in your side of the world? Also how often do you change your baby (ies) ?

P.S. I'm particularly interested to hear from those who cloth diaper.


  1. Our frequency of changing the babies is exactly the same as you. Poo must go immediately. Otherwise every 3-4 hours, except at night when they sleep until the morning.

    I don't pay attention to how much the Pampers cost here or how often we need to buy. And our brand is Pampers too. Although a co-worker is bringing me in some BJ's brand to try, as they've had good luck with them and they are a lot cheaper.

  2. We use cloth the majority of the time- except when we are traveling for Ryan's chemo. We change the about as often as you do as well. When we do use disposables, we use the cheap store brand.

  3. I spend NOTHING! Go me and my trendy cloth diapers! Emma has never been one for disposables, her skin is just too sensitive and breaks out horribly.

    I also don't have to pay for detergent! My in-laws' washer broke so we do their laundry for them(long story but it's much easier than replacing it for them as they are 70 and 80 and could use more help than they'll accept!) and they pay us in huge bottles of detergent (and baby stuff!)! My laundry shelves look like a grocery store because my FIL is addicted to shopping!

  4. At most daycares they change them every 2 hours no matter what! We do it when they wake up, if they have an AM poo, before naps (they take a long afternoon nap), after nap and before bed. That's about 5 daipers per kid per day. Not too bad. We also love pampers. I don't know how much they cost. It's one of the items we buy what we need and don't worry about it. Size 4 lasts FOREVER. Ned has been in them since he was Colin's age and he's still in them at 18 months. Penny is in size 3. I do wish they were in the same size but not a big deal. We try to buy them at BJs (which is a savers club) when they have cupons mailed to us.

  5. I bought a 24 pack of Huggies on special at the store y/day for US$7. I buy about 1 pack/mth because the rest of the time D is in cloth. Nappy rash in disposables was really bad for D back at he start ;)

    Modern cloth really is so simple. I got a whole heap locally (i.e. relatively expensively) and then discovered a pretty good brand out of China via Ebay that was cheap as chips - not a nice brand like Fuzzibuns or Happy Heinys but cheap and so similar to the Fuzzis that I just don't care that they're not the flash ones - besides - who actually sees them?!

    I must learn to push 'submit' on my comments so they don't sit at the back of my screen all day....

  6. In Canada a large box of Pampers 4 (about 100 - not sure) costs about $35 (say $32US?).

    I used disposables with my first baby for the first 9 months, then switched to cloth: Chinese prefold diapers folded into a diaper cover. I would be surprised if I spent $500 on everything (including the infant size, which isn't a great value as the babies grow out of them so quickly). The diapers will outlast the children's need for them too, but make excellent rags (absorbent, of course!). Very economical if you're up for the extra work of washing. Detergent doesn't cost much because you're supposed to use 1/4 to 1/2 of the regular amount.

    We still use disposables for travel and occasional convenience but I love the cloth (for all the usual reasons).

  7. Ever heard of Sam's Club? We can get 235 diapers for $35. That usually last us a little more than 1month. So, for twins...looks like you are doing pretty good! I change diapers like you. Every few hours unless poo. BB is still in Pampers Swaddlers size 1-2 (which is the exact same size as Pampers 1).

  8. I'm not sure what we use - Luvs. We go through a big box about 1 a month for around $20 - $30 a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less - depending on how much she's pooping.


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