Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I suck at crying it out & professional photos

Just a few hours ago, the babies were fed, had clean nappies and should have gone off to sleep no problem.

Except they didn't.

I decided to let them cry it out. For some reason it's harder when both of us are here?

Within minutes I was in there, just to check on them, and before I'd even had a coherent thought, Connor was in my arms!

I realised what I'd done so calmed him and put him down again.

He then went totally beserk.

Oh, it breaks my heart.

Then I left them to both cry for 30 minutes...

Went to check again - this does the opposite for my kids than what the books say it should do, which is calm them that their mother is there and hasn't deserted them.

They go CRAZY, as if they're saying, "WHY aren't you picking me up???"

Anyway, Kendra soon calmed down and fell asleep but Connor screamed for another hour.

Yes, one and a half hours in total.

Fun times.

At 7 pm on the dot he stopped crying and was out like a light.

I've peeked in on him twice since and he's in the exact same position - squeezed into a corner of his cot, looking cute as anything.

Other than that episode, we had a lovely Valentine's Day.

I woke late to smiling, gurgling babies. I stay up later and D gets up with them around 6. They took a shower with D today - MUCH quicker to clean them that way than in the bath :)

We did our thing until their granny arrived. This time D prepped her and said she could only stay for 2 hours because we were going out (it was true!).

I went to do some food shopping (for the fun baby food recipes) and also picked up some babygrows (I see they now call them "sleepsuits") for them, and then returned home to fetch D and the babies so we could go out for lunch.

Had a quick lunch, home for naps all round, etc.

Very relaxing.

Oh, we don't do an expensive Valentine's - D got me flowers and I got him a mug - but I do believe in using any opportunity to celebrate love.

Speaking of love, I LOVE these pics from that same photo shoot in November.

What did you do for Valentine's?


  1. Wonderful photos! We had dinner in Boston and now I'm working in front of the Olympics. I found with Ned like you did with Connor that the "soothe" and check just doesn't work - riles them up. So I just forced myself not to go in. 1.5 hours is not bad - if you can manage to be consistent and not go in I bet it is much less tomorrow night and you'll be done in 2-3 nights tops. Horror story - the couple we had dinner with who have a problem sleeper (she's the same age as my kids) has been up for HOURS every night. They never did sleep training. I'm just saying...:)

  2. You don't suck at crying it out - your babies just aren't textbook. I'm yet to meet one who is, BTW ;) D hasn't cried it out yet and sometimes she'll go 12 hours now, so what works for many may not work for you perhaps? An alternative view anyway. In part because after a few weeks of trying so hard to stick to the 4 hour routine D's doctor said flat out that some kids just won't routine. Sigh of relief.

    Showers rock, don't they? We do that for D too - probably 70% of the time. It's sooo much quicker. If I had my way she'd never have a bath - but then I remember that she actually likes them and it's about her ;)

    Glad your V Day was nice. Glad that Granny didn't stay all day. That wouldn't have been relaxing.

    You're doing a fantastic job.

  3. PS: Of course the kids are gorgeous in those pics. But I didn't even need to say that :)


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