Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All out of love

I forgot to take my iPod from around my neck when I went to a meeting with my boss.

So I take it off and place it on the table next to me.

Him: What are you listening to?

Me: Oh, my type of music.

Him: Yes???

Me: 80's love songs

Him: Air Supply?


I am SOOO predictable. Good thing I'm not easily embarrassed!


On Monday the nurse told me to give them more protein as that will help with the sleep.

I can just HEAR the chorus of "I told you so" from Candice and Ilse :)

Well, we did that very thing at "supper" and both days Connor's slept WORSE.

As if it's even possible (okay, ANYTHING is better than the newborn days - must focus on the positive).

But I am all Zen and relaxed about the sleep thing and have not freaked.


Although need to ask you guys - is it pure coincidence? Or can giving more protein make them wake more, maybe because they're digesting it? I don't know - thinking aloud...

P.S. Kendra has literally found her voice and is talking NON-STOP. No more babbles but full-on talking, if I could only understand what she's saying :)


  1. Our rule was to never introduce anything new at bedtime. So if you're giving them certain proteins for the first time at bedtime, that may be the cause of the wakeups. Is the protein something they have already eaten?

    We learned this lesson after giving them rice cereal for the first time at bedtime and then they screamed all night in pain. And then a friend gave her son a bite of peanut butter sandwich and he woke up with a completely swollen face... apparently has a life threatening allergy to peanuts.

  2. Interesting, I would have thought that more protein at bedtime would make them sleep worse, not better. The logic being when I eat a large steak or high protein meal before bedtime I generally don't sleep well and dream alot?

  3. Mmmmm, can't really contribute much on the protein side of things as our girls haven't started on proteins yet...but I will be sure to let you know how it goes when we do!!!
    LOL re the iPod "incident"!

  4. Ok I can't help myself...

    Every woman in the world (has)
    Sweet Dreams (when)
    Even the nights are better (with no)
    Unchained Melody (from the)
    Eyes of a Child.

    Chances (are)
    The one(s) that you love
    Now and Forever
    (Will have) Sweet Dreams

    Daybreak (comes)
    (And you'll be left wondering)
    Where did the feeling go??

  5. OH MY WORD - we have a poet in our MIDST :)

    Saffy, I LOVE IT! (easily delighted!)

  6. Also, jinxing in reverse works!!!

    last night after posting this, they BOTH only woke once (ONCE!)


    But I didn't write this on my blog so it doesn't count

  7. hehe... don't write it down - that seems to be the key :)

  8. I agree with the "don't introduce anything new at bedtime".

    But some people thrive on more carbs (the green veggies and complex starches like brown rice) and other thrive on proteins. And most are some combination. As you introduce new foods, see how long they seem to be satiated before wanting more to eat (all bets are off in a growth spert).

    I'm a heavy protien - Tim is a heavy Carb. Meals around here can be quite interesting, especially since Tim does the shopping and buys what he wants. LOL

    Love the pictures! They are getting so big and were already beautiful babies!


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