Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Awareness & some happy pics

D&M in the grounds of the Blarney Castle, near Limerick, Ireland
(what you can't see is how cold it was - my jacket was in the car!!!)

My doctor first told me about how twins play nicely together and other such lies.

He has twin brothers and said his mom always said the first 3 months are the hardest and then it gets easier than single babies because they entertain one another.

Hmmm, maybe his mother was Super Woman or his brothers were Angel babies (a la Baby Whisperer) but it certainly didn’t get easier at 3 months for us.

In fact, there was a time when I was a little concerned at the babies’ total lack of interest in one another.

In the very beginning they’d literally scream if you put the other one next to them (I have pictures so I can bribe them in the future).

Then a couple of months later they’d tolerate the other. That means no actual screaming but clearly not happy.

Then they’d attack one another – K would pinch C’s chest and arms and he’d swipe his arm and knock her in the face.

They then were kind of content to play near one another as long as the other one didn’t have something they wanted. I don’t get this because I buy two of every thing. But they don't want their rattle; they want the other baby's one :)

Finally, literally on their 7-month birthday, I observed some of this “playing together”.

I placed Connor on one side of the blanket that adorns our lounge floor and Kendra on the other side. Well, he rolled over to her and they played happily (mostly) for about 40 minutes.

I couldn’t quite believe it so kept checking in on them every 5 – 10 minutes but yes, they were still playing happily.

Until Kendra bit Connor on the leg :)

So I thought that may have been a fluke but have observed similar behavior since then. He reaches out for her, they smile and laugh at each other and oh, it is SOOO sweet.

Granted, Kendra is still Kendra so she spurns him regularly but she does this with us too.

The cutest thing is when we put them in the same cot to play (while I'm assembling the extra bits for church, etc.) and they actually smile and LAUGH at each other. Too sweet.

P.S. In other news, it was actually so NICE to see a news headline that a director of a financial services company is suspected of fraud (normal news) simply because the rest of the news today is so senseless and violent .........4 teenagers killed because people drag racing mounted a pavement and mowed them down. And a medic (a MEDIC!) responding to a call was raped on the weekend. RAPED. What is this world coming to?!

P.P.S. Now, to cheer me up from all the depressing news, some photos. These are only pics on my flash drive today (because of the great computer clean-up) - from our UK trip 2008. Looking at them makes me happy.

this is one of my favourite pics ever - boys!
D & our friend, Craig

our friend, David, with me on Tower Bridge - I remember being totally and completely POOPED from all the walking - D's getting the arty shot :)

later that same evening... on one of those underground stations...

David & Victoria - the loveliest couple ever - smooching

I love being around people like this - they automatically bring out the best in each other, even though by themselves they're already AWESOME people

and another lovely couple, our friends Shereen and Steven - just looking at this takes me right back to their cosy home in Birkenhead and I can hear Shereen's peals of laughter

What made you happy today?

(this is my 30-minute SteadyMom post)


  1. Despite the sadness in your local news, a remarkably upbeat post - nice work :)

    Love the pics!!

    What made me happy today? Seeing Minxy's personality shining thru - ala helping herself to my afternoon tea when we were out - the look of pride on her face!! Priceless.

  2. Saffy, I LOVE IT! She has cottoned on to the important things in life :)

  3. Hay thanks for the fun happy pictures!!! Our news is so alarmingly sad that it is blessed relief to visit the blogworld after reading the morning news!!! Great 30 minute post, love all the bits and pieces!!!

  4. What makes me happy today is working from home as Liam had PT this morning. Seeing my boys for more time during the day instead of when they are ready for bed makes me very happy.

    Our boys also at 9 months can play side-by-side for some time until Liam gets mad. He doesn't like having his brother, Tommy, right on top of him. Tommy on the other hand wants to be all over Liam and whatever toys Liam is playing with.

  5. Lovely pictures.

    A major peeve of mine is people who think that they know how ALL twins behave, because they once knew one pair of twins. Ugh. That's a rant for another day, I suppose.

  6. Wow, twins! I've got 3 under 3, but the thought of twins scares the sh-ugar out of me! Sounds like you are doing a great job being a Mama to those cuties. I love all the photos too.
    What's making me happy - today - the lovely visit I had with one of my best friends this morning when she & her daughter came over. There's nothing like a good talk with a girlfriend. :)

  7. They are so cute!

    2 walks on a beautiful day made me happy today!

  8. Ha! My kids go at it on a regular basis. I took them grocery shopping yesterday and I can't tell you how many times I had to say, "no headbutting!" They're only 18-months old!!! Hailey hates to be touched by Matthew, but he is entirely interested in her...it's actually pretty funny. It will get easier in some respects and harder in others. You're doing beautifully!

    What makes me happy today? Not having to be anywhere this morning so I can let the kids "sleep in."


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