Monday, March 01, 2010

Fertility Babies and the love factor

We had our Fertility Babies group on Saturday and this time we took some of your advice and had a mothers-only group which was much better. A chance to actually speak and get advice, etc.

Also, D was a super star. When I got home (late!) at about 5.40, it was surreal. The house was quiet, babies were in bed, classical music was playing and he was on the couch reading. Very freaky.

First thing I said was, "what's going on? where are the babies?" LOL

They were SLEEPING.

I told him I won't be getting the nanny to babysit when I go to these groups anymore and he said, "I didn't ever expect you to".


It was just the very first one when he was so knackered and, as he says, that was MONTHS ago and he is now a Daddy Rock Star.

My word.

So we used the quiet time to.... TALK :)

About the house and so on...

You see, I'm aware that we'll need to move to a bigger house eventually and since I'm so extremely debt-averse, I'm thinking we should move sooner rather than later and get cracking on paying down a new, smaller bond (mortgage).

Since I'm a planner, I made a list (!) (do you want me to post it?) and created a profile on some sites. They send me emails when a house that supposedly meets my criteria is available. Half the time it actually doesn't but this time I checked with the estate agent (realtor) and sure enough, it seemed to meet our requirements.

So we went to have a look on Saturday and it really does meet our requirements. BUT but but... I'm not in love with the house.

It helped that I'd just seen Ilse's gorgeous home. Technically not what I'm looking for (and WAAAAAYYYYYY out of our price range LOL) but I loved it. And that's the missing link - the love factor.

My list is being added to all the time... and, as I said to the guy, I'm in NO RUSH, I have about 3 - 4 years :)

P.S. Just finished last month's budget and YAY, spent even less on the babies by R700 (nearly $100). I think I've made up for it this weekend though as I had to get some more sheets and pillows for their cots.

P.P.S. I will add a pic tonight of the type of houses I like - I am CRAZY. We were once on holiday and I drove around taking pics of the HOUSES!


  1. Sometimes letting go and trusting that Dad can do "it" is a huge hurdle. Congrats to him!!! Good luck on the house hunt...we need a bigger house too, but we're about 2 years out as well. It never ends, right???

  2. I need to put together my "must haves" in a new house. Sounds like your husband is a keeper. Mine was on kid duty every afternoon/evening this weekend becaues I was working - he's an incredible dad and I tell him that all the time.

  3. I love house-shopping (even if it's only for my dream house!). Obviously, we aren't moving again for YEARS, but that won't stop me from keeping an eye on what's for sale in our town. And one of my favorite parts of vacation is looking at houses! : )

  4. So great that your mums only mothers group worked out well for you. I would love it if I could convince our mothers group to have a mums only meet up once a month - now the little ones are all starting to walk it is just getting too hard and I get frustrated by not being able to follow a conversation!


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