Friday, March 19, 2010

Food glorious food

Speaking of food, don't you love that scene in the movie, Spanglish, where he's trying to eat the famous Spanglish sandwich and instead they have the argument.

OH MY WORD - that sandwich looks so yummy!

And then the scene in No Reservations where they cook the pasta.

I was ready for a lovely bowl of pasta straight after that :)

There's a lovely scene in It's Complicated where she makes chocolate croissants - I love how they make it look so easy; I'm even tempted to try make my own!

This is why I get cooking after I watch any Nigella or Jamie Oliver on TV - there's just something about people who love food.

And when the photography's good too, I literally DROOL.

I'll confess - when Oprah has any cooking segments, I record them to watch AT MY LEISURE over and over again.

I think this is why I'm addicted to food blogs - most of them are not in my reader because I'd be even MORE overweight than I already am.

The Pioneer Woman is my favourite and I'll have you know that I discovered her all by myself ages ago well before she got famous and appeared on everyone's blogrolls :) Just call me a trendsetter.

And Bakerella is my favourite baking blog - I never make anything, of course, because I have no patience for decorating. Although I have baked the Cowgirl Cookies, with a twist.

Do you also like to watch food scenes in movies? What are your favourite food blogs?


  1. No Reservations is one of our favorite movies (and I'm including Tom and Phoebe here). We find it funny, because we all cook around here. We're trying to instill a love of cooking with our children. I do love cooking scenes in movies, but I also love, love, love Nigella! I want to be her! I think she's not also a fabulous cook, but so sexy!

  2. I can't say that I follow any food blogs but I subscribe to the daily recipe e-mail from Real Simple! They send out some great ideas!

  3. I haven't watched movies in years, but I love love LOVE to bake. I throw a cookie-decorating party every Christmas, and I have thrown a cakeball-making party before.

    I made Bakerella's s'more cupcakes, and got a marriage proposal from a straight woman at work. :)

  4. Oh yes! I remember that scene in "It's complicated"! Love that you did a food movie post - never saw Spanglish though. Thanks for pointing me here.


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