Monday, March 01, 2010

Gorgeous houses

So, as I said, I drive around taking pics of houses.

These were taken in Knysna.

I love this kind of house... white trim, light colours, perfect for the beach.

But actually this kind of house is more me - charming, cute, loads of personality, weird angles, beautiful garden (even though I kill all plants :))

close-up of that beautiful attic window and little veranda (I picture me sitting out there with a book and a cup of tea)

view of that gate from the front - doesn't it look inviting? And another little veranda.

What kind of houses do you like?


  1. You kill plants too? We really do have so much in common!

  2. I love how the houses are named. I'd love to name my house, but people would think I was crazy!

  3. I'd love naming houses too. Without telling anyone DH and I call our house Pemberton Grove. Kind of like Pemberley from Pride and Predjudice. I love old fashioned houses like old stone farmhouses we have a lot around here. But we also love Mediterranean style houses like with ceramic tile roofs, stucco sides, etc.

  4. Sadia, oh YES, it's a sad, sad thing :)

    Rebecca, name your house - PROUDLY!

    Heather, I love that name.


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