Saturday, March 20, 2010

I definitely have the wrong friends

Something too funny happened to me at work yesterday.

I was speaking to a work friend about sleep (what else?!) and told her that all my friends (except one) have babies that sleep through which is why it was SO GREAT to hear that statistic about only 30% of babies sleeping in Johannesburg.

She says to me, "oh, I knew that stat because ALL my friends have babies who don't sleep through"

Can you believe it? She has an even worse sleeper than Kendra and Connor's worse days but see, she has the right friends :)

It's a long weekend here in South Africa as tomorrow is Human Rights Day. When we have a public holiday that falls on a Sunday, the Monday following is automatically a public holiday too. Lovely, isn't it?

Of course tomorrow is the Elton John concert. Heather, I thought of you when I heard "Philadelphia Freedom" in the car :)

V is coming to work at 4 pm to babysit K&C and D will drop her off at home after the concert.

I can't WAIT!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. M...I need for you to know that I fall into the middle category..."babies that sleep through MOST of the time"! Last night they didn't...and as I sit here about to go to bed, I am praying that we have a sleep through night! Enjoy the concert!!! Will be thinking of you!
    x x x x

  2. Hey, didn't you once say that you got that book "Healthy Sleep, Happy Twins" book? If so, is that good? Or is there another you'd recommend?


  3. I'm waiting to hear how the Elton John concert was! Was it so great that you're still recovering? : )

  4. Rozzie, thanks for the encouragement :)

    PJ, I do have that book. Personally, I wasn't that impressed as I got nothing PRACTICAL to do but I know Mommy Esq swears by Weissbluth. Then again, her kids are sleeping great and mine are just getting there...

    Deanna, there is SO MUCH to say - I'm going to blog later today :)


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