Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My friend with the twins

I was saying something to a colleague the other day about something baby and referenced "my friend with the twin girls" (the ones who had their first birthday party - btw, BOTH girls are now walking!).

So he says, "how many friends with twins do you have?"

I said, "um, I think FIVE"

He says, "wow, there must be something in the water "

I said, "yes, it's the water of INFERTILITY. we ALL have IVF twins"


I really need to stop being so naughty - this is a very sweet, quietish guy from the UK.... stiff upper lip and all that :) but how can I resist?!

P.S. Currently listening to the hold music at Jhb Connect to query my R9 000 electricity bill (should be no more than R1500). I'm so ZEN about this it's freaky.


  1. What's with all this zen-ness?? :) Your power bill sounds freakily high. Hopefully they transposed a digit in the read?

    I'd love to have seen that guy's expression after you said that about IVF. Good on you though. Probably totally out of his realm - like lots of guys and baby stuff full stop.

    My friend's 11 weeks preggers with her 2nd IVF baby - but definitely wasn't allowed 2 because she's <35. Protocol schmotocol.

  2. PS: Your power bill seems high by our standards (at R1500). That's what I'd expect to see here in the middle of winter. Is that because of lots of air con? Our latest bill was R731 - bless sunshine and not using the dryer much!

  3. Good luck remaining Zen! Just the sound of the on hold music and your call is important to us makes my blood boil. In fact I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinkng about the situation you find yourself in.
    Good luck!
    And don't feel bad about shocking people, I do it all the time! Get quite a kick out of it actually!

  4. Saffy, it's VERY HIGH.

    I only pay that much as I'm SO SCARED of the power going out with BABIES.

    It should be about half of that, although Eskom is increasing the tarrifs by 25% every year for the next 3 years!

    When it was just D & I, I'd be a lot more bolshie because we can do without and go for takeaways - the babies need their bottles and their comforts :)

    The Zen-ness is finally figuring out that I actually can't control a THING!

    Sharon, I've been emailing while on hold and my one friend says her bill is R8800 and hers is usually R650 (she's single with a baby) - she's been handed over to lawyers.

  5. P.S. Yes, in winter ours usually goes up to around R1000.

  6. Please tell me that the power company would serve you with loads of notices first before cutting you off?

    Sounds like they've stuffed up all your bills - great. Just imagine how many people are in your shoes doing the 'on hold' thing. Argh.

  7. Well, it depends. They should but I don't trust a thing going on there - e.g. people have been out twice to read our meter but when i phone them, they have no record of the readings, etc, etc.

  8. Funny. I have found myself collecting friends with twins. We meet shopping, at the park, at my former mother of multiples group meeting, and we just GET each other. I'd say I have at least 20 friends with twins locally, ones I talk to at least every month.


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