Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our first visit to casualty

I was very brave today. Actually to be perfectly honest, I simply blocked out the fact that I'd be leaving my BABIES with my MIL to go see a movie.

The babysitting was all D's idea and as he said, "what's the worse that can happen? They scream for two hours."


It was hard to leave (strange - I don't even THINK about anything happening when the babies are with Nanny Viola) but we left and went to the movies. We went to see It's Complicated and I LOVED it.

I laugh a LOT at everything, sometimes at things other people don't find funny :) and there was a lady there who was the same on the other end of the cinema and the two of us had a BALL.

So, great acting, beautiful house, nice food and a great story. Another Nancy Meyers hit :)

We drove past my friend's house on the way home to give her a birthday present and we'd literally just arrived when my phone rang.

My MIL says something about Connor's arm and she thinks he needs to go to the hospital.

I was remarkably calm considering this is MY BOY. I'm very calm in stressful work situations; nice to know I still have "it" going on :) - even D said he was pleasantly surprised I didn't freak out LOL

We were at home two minutes later, assessed the arm and grabbed the boy and off we went. I remembered running out the door that he'd be hungry soon so grabbed a bottle and we were off.

See, his one arm was totally normal (he is wild and boyish) but the left one was hanging by his side. When we touched it, he wanted to start crying. We also held out something to him and he didn't even bother trying to grab it as he usually does so big alarm bells.

look how his left arm is hanging down

The hospital was a pleasure. The whole trip there, waiting, seeing a doctor, X-raying, seeing the doctor, getting home was all less than 45 minutes. Amazing. And wonderful staff - same hospital I had them at.

(stark contrast to the absolutely shocking customer service we'd just experienced at Checkers Hyper where I had to collect the Elton John tickets - if I felt like wasting time, I'd write to their management)

Also this is another reason I LOVE living in Bedfordview - it's like we're not even in Johannesburg (lots of rude, impatient people... well, compared to the coast, were I'm from). People speak to one another and it's a real community. Connor was his charming self and I didn't get in the least bit tired of everyone telling me how cute he is.

The doctor on call did a general exam - eyes, ears, tongue and I think with all that poking and prodding, his arm went back into place because when we were sent to X-ray, he was perfect again. Normal, happy Connor, grabbing at everything (my glasses, necklace, etc.) with BOTH hands.

the cutest little patient I've ever seen :) -
they even have those backless gowns, but TINY ones

left arm back in action in the x-ray queue

getting the x-rays done (I made D hold his arm down!)

We had the x-rays done anyway and when we went back to be seen again, he confirmed that Connor was fine and that the bone probably went back into place when they did the x-rays.

And that was that.

I was so relieved that I told Connor, "today you get away with ANYTHING" and that, my friends, is how it starts.

While we had a very pleasant experience considering... I'm not anxious to repeat that visit anytime soon although, as a mother of a boy, I suspect that there just might be more visits in the future.

BTW, D thinks he may have been too rough when they were playing this morning - BOYS! I am so Zen I didn't even shout or blame him.

P.S. Currently listening to Billy Joel's Piano Man - LOVE the lyrics - next week this time I'll be listening to Elton John LIVE. I can't wait!

P.P.S. We popped in to NICU since it was right next to the x-ray dept and the two nurses on duty both looked after Connor & Kendra when they were patients there. They could not BELIEVE how big he is. I also can't believe that was 8 months ago.


  1. I'm glad everything turned out okay. Ned fell down two stairs on my watch and got a bloody nose but he rebounded well. Man, did I feel like a bad parent though. Don't let this dissuade you from going out with D - it is too infrequent as it is!

  2. I'm glad he's OK! Congrats on getting out for a little while!

  3. I'm so glad it's a false alarm. We've visited the emergency room enough times to know that it's worth going to the one 20 minutes away instead of the one 5 minutes away, because we get seen 3 hours sooner, and the nurses are much kinder and know how to handle small children.

  4. Oh sweets, I'm so relieved for you that C's ok. I was expecting a pic at the end of your post of C in a cast :(

    So I'm suspecting here that the MIL's off the babysitting roster? Just a thought...of course it could happen to anyone and all those other nice platitudes...

    Nice that you got to pop into the NICU - an unexpected weekend excursion :)

    Hope your week kicks off on a far less exciting note.

  5. Oh, goodness! Glad it all turned out fine, and I hope you don't let it discourage you from getting out again soon...these things will happen. : )

    Saw the recipe for milk tart, and I might get someone to make it for me soon (I'm not a very capable baker!). I want to see It's Complicated-glad to hear a good review!

  6. He just wanted to stir things up! Such a boy! I'm glad it was nothing serious though. I'm a little amazed you were in and out so fast. Those little gowns are adorable, I would have had to take one just for the novelty!

    So are you done with outtings? Or at least done with MIL babysitting? I think I would have gone crazy! Way to keep your head under pressure!

  7. You must be so relieved that he's ok. Well done on remaining calm!!!!

  8. Actually, I am VERY encouraged by MIL babysitting. She coped much better than I thought she would LOL and THOROUGHLY enjoyed spending time with the kids.

    it really could have happened anytime.

    Mandibula, I was VERY tempted to take the gown with me - it was sooo sooo cute!


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