Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pink marshmallow & blog makeover

These kids HATE having their nails cut. At least the screaming like I'm killing them has stopped; now we just have the extreme wriggling :)

She decided she'd rather chomp away on my hand

I love her in this pink babygrow - she looks like a marshmallow - all soft and yummy :)

P.S. If anyone's keeping score, I do have a ton of pics of Connor but have to download them and my battery is flat, hence these old pics of Kendra. My stupid camera won't even switch on to download if the battery isn't charged.

P.P.S. I finally "sprung" for a blog makeover - have even paid deposit. I was (unlike-me) spontaneous and now don't know what to tell her to do for me. Ideas for pics, colours????


  1. Those pictures are adorable...I cut the kids' nails once, made Hailey bleed, and I've never done it again. I suck!

    I would go to other blogs that you read and pick out different elements that you like. Colors, pictures, buttons...etc.

  2. Rebecca, I like so many things!!!!!!! That's why I haven't bothered before because I can't choose.

    Lime-green and pink?
    Blue and brown?

    Scrapbook look?
    Retro look?

    Photos of babies in header?
    Those cartoon people in header?


  3. You look fantastic in those photos, too, and the two of you are so coordinated!!

    I save on camera batteries by using a memory card reader. Our old died after 5 years of use, daily since the girls were born! Not bad for a cheap piece of electronics.

  4. Ha! I love the expression on her face in the middle picture!

    She looks so snuggly!

  5. Cute pics - as abso-freakin always :)

    Nah, flag cartoony headers - your family is way too cute for that.
    As for colours - I was going to say pink and lime but do you think you'd get sick of it quickly? Can your designer give you a few different backgrounds so that when you get sick of one you can just change that bit of the code (don't be going lalalalala on me!) and update it? (even I could help you with that bit).

  6. Ah and Sadia's idea of a memory card reader ain't half bad. I'm forver changing camera batteries...


    On the one hand, the babies change so quickly - maybe feet then? I do love feet!

    That's why i like the cartoon ladies...


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