Thursday, March 11, 2010

Speaking of work

I am all antsy again.

Itching for a change. Wanting a move.

It really doesn't take me long to feel restless at work.

I need NEW stuff frequently or I get bored.

Also, I have this rule :) No longer than 5 years at a company.

Company 1 - 5 years 2 months

Company 2 - 5 years 1 month

Company 3 - ?

(remember those series things they do as part of your mental agility? I'm great at those although I seriously would love to know what my current IQ's at)

My 5 years at Company 3 are up on 18 April.

That's little more than a month away.

Also, I technically only have to be there until end March so as not to have money clawed back from me for my 4 months paid maternity leave.

Do you also have clawbacks for paid maternity leave?

I take a perverse sort of pleasure in calculating these things and also, there's a kind of freedom in knowing that I could, if I wanted to, just LEAVE.

I won't... I'm much too risk-averse.... but I like knowing that.

A couple of things happened:

At our first Infertility Group in Feb, the group leader passed around a gorgeous bucket with strips of paper.

We each had to pick one and then share with the group how we'd interpreted our statement.

This Year I Will Take Chances

That's what mine said and so I shared how I'm ever so comfortable at work, I can do it in my sleep and know I should move but............ a bit scared because of the freedom and flexibility they currently give me.

BUT I said I will take chances and step out of my comfort zone and simply trust that God will give me a great job at a similar or even better company.

Easier to write than to do :)

Anyway, so a few weeks ago, I initiated a meeting with my wonderful boss.

I told him I'm feeling antsy and bored and if I were one of my coaching clients, I'd tell me to go look for something else.

Yes, I'm bolshie like that. Also, we have that kind of relationship. Also, he knows about my coaching business (I also practice on him sometimes LOL) - there is no conflict of interest within my current role so no problems.

HE says to ME that he really think I need people reporting to me again in a line management role. I agree - I am a bossy boots but actually I do temper it when I have actual staff.

I've also been thinking to maybe go back into a role where I can impact customers - I am crazy and love dealing with clients - maybe something where I can influence strategy in the customer communications/ service arenas...

Blah blah blah... to cut a long story short, he will talk to HR to see where they can move me so I'll be happy.

In the meantime, I contacted a recruitment agent who said the market is slow. I didn't believe her so I bought the paper and sure enough, slow. Well, for my type of work.

Another thing also happened - the bulk of my work is on a VERY big campaign (product line). A big campaign that, quite honestly, if it was me running things, I would have canned long ago.

Just not selling in droves as we thought. Believe me, we've tried everything - some of the best creative and experienced minds have been working on this.

I have said over and over the only way we'll sell gazillions is to do X. Well, we can't seem to get a partner to do X with us (X is not our expertise).

We had a few things going and it's like all the opportunities are fading fast.

In the last week alone, we've had heads of two Large Institutions tell us (bluntly), No Way will this work in our environment.

I think my boss finally got it today because I am also very black and white and I said to him last week after the meeting with Large Institution 1, "at what point will we face facts and can this thing?"

He then said, "if Large Institution 2 doesn't bite" and today, that's what happened. Oh, I did my thing I'm good at which is to stay calm, objective and problem solve on the spot, try and find a win-win.

Only thing that happened is I "got" them better. I even admire them for sticking to their guns and resisting the gentle persuasion (!) of both of us. But the product is still a no go.


I am also working on some cool marketing stuff that we've never done before and I am so passionate about it (sorry for all the vagueness - I don't want to be fired just yet) that I literally want EVERYONE in the company to use. So there is that.

When we can the product, it doesn't affect my job, per se, as there is lots I can do within the team BUT I'm not into busy work. I want to be valued and effective, not just doing rubbish any old well-organised person can do.

Something similar happened years ago - hired to look after Big Account, Big Account left and ended up doing piddly rubbish for awhile.

Have now learned my lesson so I'm definitely going to start looking seriously next week and hopefully the right job (inside or outside my company) will fall into my lap, just as this one did.

Now this is a bit weird.... but I feel like this is speaking to someone (or two) out there. If it does resonate with you for whatever reason, leave me a comment...


  1. I'm standing at the same crossroads. In April I'll have been with my current company for 5 years. I like what I do but its become very routine, but I'm afraid to leave because of the comfy salary and benefits.
    Oh what to do???

  2. Yep, hearing you loud and clear ;) esp the bit with the boss - sounds like a conversation I had with mine just before I went on mat leave!

    Sometimes (often) I wish that I was happy to plod (esp when the company offers great benefits) but if I get bored/the challenge is gone/the love is gone, then I'm gone.

    That marketing campaign sounds hard work. The feedback you're getting makes it sound pretty much done and dusted - could they shelve it until the climate is more appropriate? Sounds like it has legs if you're excited about it :) I've shelved things before - things that I know will be brilliant, just the timing isn't always quite right ;)

    Keep us posted on how you get on with the agencies.

  3. My job was very much starting to feel like a job, rather than a fulfilling career. It's safe, though, and it's fantastic to have coworkers and bosses who understand that I'm raising twins by myself much of the time (and who genuinely love my daughters).

    This week has been fun again, though, so I don't know whether I have the energy to look for something new.



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