Monday, March 08, 2010

Taking care of ME

Remember when I asked about the pedicure?

Well, I 'd bought a voucher with 3 treatments so I had the massage, pedicure and facial all scheduled 2 weeks apart.

That's all done now and I'm never going back to that place because of three reasons:

1. I decided that pedicures are not for me even though the last one was MUCH better. I simply told the girl not to cut my toenails and the weird tingling is just about gone now.

I've accepted that I just don't like people touching my feet! (Thank you, T-bird and Saffy for telling me you're also not fans of the pedicure)

2. I decided I'm also not a fan of the facial - who decided that squeezing your blackheads was a good idea??? - I was in PAIN and screamed, literally. I'm sure she thought I was a big baby. How did I ever go through all those IVF needles?!

3. Also, these people are of the school that believes you need to tell the customer everything that's WRONG with her so she'll come back.

This is her speaking to me during the massage: "OH MY WORD, you are SO TENSE. I can't BELIEVE how knotted your shoulders are. This is TERRIBLE".

I said, "Yes, I know. That's WHY I've booked the massage. I store my stress in my back and shoulders"

Where do you store your stress?

Of course, I got even MORE tense during that exchange. On the bright side, it's something to blog about :)

But seriously, life is hard enough; I really don't need further dents in my self-esteem, thank you very much.

Natalie, you'll get a kick out of this...

When she wanted to make my next appointment, I said, "I don't think I'll be coming back, but thanks for asking" (D said I'm too much!)

So no more pedicures and massages. I also don't do manicures - I can't see the point as I keep my nails on the short side and can do them myself.

But the massage? Yes, that I can do.

We have a beauty therapist who is here at our work two days a week. I booked a massage and was soooo looking forward to it (as work has gotten really busy) but she phoned to cancel as she'd double-booked. Grrrr.

She then suggested coming in on another day that suited me. Well, that morning she phoned to confirm. I then had to go out of the office to supervise some training on one of our product lines. I had to leave 15 minutes early to get back for the massage and...........she blew me off again.

I was FURIOUS because I left early just to get back.

Fortunately for her, she did some good customer service - sent me a text apology, phoned me AND told me she'll do the next one for free.

So I had the massage on Wednesday and I'm glad she persisted because it was FABULOUS. I'm not a fan of painful massage and she had just the right pressure when I said light to medium.

How do you like your massages?

I've now decided to go for a massage every second week.

I've also decided to buy a black pencil skirt for autumn/ winter as I LOVE wearing a black skirt with low heels (could be because I look good in skirts) and my current size 32 skirt may never fit me again.

I wanted to hold out and first lose the weight but why should I deny myself the chance to look cute once or twice a week?

I also decided to get some nice jeans - I was so tired of looking fat in my current jeans so I'm taking the advice I give my clients- if it doesn't look or feel good, OUT it goes.

I'm good at the almost daily bits of taking care of myself, making time to blog, going to gym, cooking healthy meals, etc; it's the infrequent splurges I'm not so good at, probably because I'm cheap!

How good are you with self-care?

P.S. Despite what I know about healthy eating, I am soooo tempted to get an appetite suppressant just to lose some of this weight quickly. It's so boring and slow doing it the healthy way.
P.P.S. That pic is at my work - I took it one day on my way on my way home for Project 365


  1. I try to go with the motto of "dress for the body you have, not the body you want," but sometimes I just don't wanna (whine, whine)!

    If I lived by trying to dress for the body I want, I'd be naked.

    I love all of the services that you have mentioned...all of them. I don't indulge too often (except pedicures in the spring/summer), but I would love for them to become a regular part of my routine...maybe quarterly? Haha!

  2. feet touching ::screams::

    hooray for a massage! i've neve had a real one actually...hmmm

    and my dress moto is black leggins. lol. so jr high.

  3. So I had an "American Moment" when you said you wore size 32 pants! LOL! Here that would ginormous!

    I am definitely in dire need of some care! I need everything! EVERYTHING! I've never had a facial or a massage. We have a boy at work who will sneak up and start rubbing your shoulders and back. He literally makes me melt! So go you and your pampering!

    Clothes are another story all together. I have gotten so big that all my post-baby wardrobe of hand-me-downs have been outgrown. I just started working out again so maybe this spring I'll splurge on a new wardrobe. I can only survive on lounge pants and tight jeans for soo long.

  4. I haven't had my hair cut in over a year. I'm not kidding. I have managed some mani/pedis adn massages. I'm not good at cutting/shaping my nails so I like when they do it - I have them cut them very short and no cuticle cutting. Two things I wished I did - eating healthy and exercising. It's been impossible.

  5. Rebecca cracks me up :)

    I find massages a bit weird too. BUT if I can switch my brain off so it's not going 100 miles/hr then I can get into it. I'm sure if you took that trip to Thailand you could get some lovely treatments....

    r.e beauty treatments from hell - I HATE having my eyelashes/brows tinted.

    Good on you for buying a new skirt. I'm sure you look cute no matter what you wear :) And don't touch those appetite suppressants... they'll do way more damage than good!

  6. I haven't had a massage in a LONG time, but my husband promised me one for Christmas (um, going on three months ago...), so I think I will do that soon. I get a manicure every once in awhile, but I keep my nails short and no polish, so there's not much point.

    I forget, you're getting close to fall down there in So. Africa, right? I was thinking-black pencil skirt for fall? Wow, she's thinking ahead! : ) I'm looking for cute spring dresses right now. I have loved dresses since sometime during my pregnancy. They're so easy, and I can usually find them to hide my middle section well.


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