Thursday, March 25, 2010

This year I will take chances

So in the spirit of my theme for this year, I thought I’d give a little work update:

Straight after I posted about work, I ran into someone who’s acting as head of an area I’d be quite keen on working in, Group Customer Centricity, and decided to take a risk and talk to her.

Did you know I’m passionate about customer service?

We had a very quick two-minute chat as she was on her way to a meeting but I followed up afterwards with my updated CV.

She sent me a mail saying she was DELIGHTED to see what I’ve been up to (have won awards in my early work days and have done quite a bit, sometimes not even my main job, in the customer service arena) and we need to chat.

That finally happened on Tuesday.

We had an informal chat which is really exactly like an interview for a non-position J

End result? Things are going to take a while, be patient, etc, etc.

My boss has also kept to his word to be proactive and has spoken to HR but he is generally a slow mover on these things… so am not holding my breath. Also, we’re getting a new Head which may or may not be him…

I also bought our weekly newspaper, The Workplace, and carefully scrutinized it. There was absolutely NOTHING I was interested in. But I feel good for at least taking action.

This chat this morning made me think about if I love what I do, how much I love it, etc, etc.

In my current job, I do love love LOVE dealing with people (even annoying people) but I’m not in love with the big company politics and all the red tape. It makes me crazy that I know what is best (really I do, for my campaigns J) but still have to pass it through the gamut of legal, compliance, etc, etc. Drives me nuts!

I always tell people who ask, “nobody ever dreamed of working in insurance but I do love when I can use what I’m good at” – making things more efficient and getting things done, and of course, building relationships. Stuff I can do anywhere really but I think it’s difficult to change industries, or maybe that’s just my perception.

I’d much rather be on the speaking circuit… but for now this suits my lifestyle.

So, are you doing what you’ve always dreamed of? And do you LOVE your job?


  1. Good on you for initiating that conversation. Of course I'd expect nothing less from you :) Hopefully something pans out in the not too distant future.

    (when I'm at work...) I'm doing bits of what I dreamed of. Problem was I never knew exactly what I "wanted to be when I grew up". That's why I have 3 degrees and am working on the 4th ;) I love people, and training, and product development, and clinching deals that involve multiple countries/languages/time zones - but I hate company b.s as much as you do. I think my job could be ideal if I had less of the corporate red tape et al and we had less restructures - maybe only 1 every 3 or so years? Oh and part time. That would keep me forever me thinks because I really like my colleagues.

  2. Being a stay at home mom is what I've always dreamed of and I LOVE it! Doing daycare... not so much. I thought I'd like it but it's not everything I hoped it be, except for a way for me to earn money from home. I am excited about working on my party planning business and have recently looked into taking in-home/online classes to become a certified wedding planner. It's not required, but certainly helps to be certified. The idea of this possibility is REALLY exciting to me, and something I've only thought of in the recent year or two.

  3. YES I am doing what I always dreamed about and most days I love it! I am a stay at home mom. I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I wanted to be a house wife. I do enjoy taking care of my kids and my house, but somedays I get really bored. I can't wait until I get my schooling issues figured out and am back in school. Once all my kids are in school, I will be doing the second thing I have always dreamed about doing. I am working towards being a family and marriage therapist.

  4. There are things about my job that I love but they are very similar to the negative aspects (high pressure, quick turnaround, etc.). These are things that will go away when I finally move in-house. I've been mulling over a post about the pros and cons of my job for a while but since some people at work know about my blog I am a bit afraid to write about how I intend to leave.


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