Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last Thursday I had a really weird feeling all morning.

A feeling like someone might try and break into our house and do something to V or the kids.

I phoned home twice, both times to explain to V exactly where the panic buttons were (somehow we'd never covered that part before) in the case of any emergency so that the armed response company would pitch.

Fortunately, Nanny V is very patient with me :)

(By the way, this is standard fare for Johannesburg - everyone is security-conscious and we all pay a company a fee every month - ours is currently R385/ $53)

Anyway, the feeling didn't really go, but eventually one has to relinquish control so I prayed and that was it.

Nothing happened and I totally forgot about it.

Then on Sunday I sent a text to my friend, Natalie, asking about baby D and how was she doing otherwise?

Well, I had the biggest shock EVER when I read the return message.

They were fine BUT people had broken into their house on Thursday morning, taken everything - car, TV, jewellery, etc - and locked the maid in the bathroom.

It was HER that I was supposed to pray for.

Natalie and baby D had just gone for a walk when this whole thing went down and I'm so thankful for that because who knows what might have happened. As I said to her, she's looking particularly gorgeous these days :)

I am convinced that she and baby D are safe because God was looking out for them.

When I shared the story of Thursday with her, she said she had goosebumps.

Yes, it's inconvenient and a whole lot of insurance schlep but they are SAFE!

Praise God!

In a not-so-strange twist, when I bled at 26 weeks, I was freaking out, big time. Suddenly the next day I had Total Peace about the babies. Well, Natalie visited me that day while I was on (my version of) bed rest and told me that her cell group had prayed for me the previous evening that I'd have peace. I was SO touched!

I love stuff like this!

P.S. This is my post for Steadymom's challenge


  1. I get the security conciousness. A few years ago something bad happened to family in your fair city. It shocked us beyond words, and we learned a valuable lesson about appreciating just how lax we are in our society in terms of personal safety, etc.

    Thank goodness Natalie and the baby are ok. Let me know what her D stands for pls :)

  2. Oh my word - how scary! So glad that they are all ok! :)

  3. Saffy, it's David!

  4. That's so scary...this whole thing would freak me out and convince me that I had psychic powers though.

  5. This hasn't happened to me in a long time, but I'm totally with you! I used to think I was professing belief in the occult, but now I think the Spirit works in ways we don't understand. I'm glad that everyone is safe.

  6. I love stuff like that too! God knew who your prayers were intended to go towards, and He was watching over everyone! Love that story!

  7. Thanks M - it's comforting to know there are guardian angels out there like you and prayers uttered that I was oblivious to - as oblivious as David was to the whole event. Sweet child. It's a big scary world and the light I see in it makes it a better place.. I have to remember that when I see the dark side.

  8. Oh, goodness! Glad your family is okay, and glad your friend wasn't hurt!


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