Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I promised you a Wordless Wednesday

On my side I can't seem to view the view I uploaded of Kendra crawling - is it working for you?

Nevertheless, here are some good, old-fashioned pics of Connor taken at 8 months.

He's wearing a bodyvest that says, "mommy says I was worth the wait". Thank you again, Candice!

Doesn't he look cute?

About the house... we put in an offer higher than our original. This was as far as we were prepared to go based on the location. The estate agent phoned me tonight to tell me the offer wasn't accepted.

Fair enough.

I am totally fine as I really have had peace about it once we decided what to do. D feels a bit miffed... "does she want to sell or not?" and I must say, it felt good to be the calm one for a change :)

So looks like we stay put for a while which actually really pleases me as I wasn't looking forward to all that packing and unpacking... LOL

P.S. Kendra is 110% well (back to her spunky self) and Connor is about 80% there. He still has a bit of a cough but the nose has stopped running (thank goodness!).


  1. No K crawling ;) Cute C tho - love the one with his face covered - D does that too and rips it off and smiles.

    Glad to hear the kids are feeling better - hope C is 100% v soon.

    As for the house - not meant to be. A better one is out there waiting :)

  2. Sorry about the house and the colds. The right house will come and they will accept the offer. Hang in there. We've been fighting off colds here too. That's why I've been missing from your comments. I can see the crawling video without problems. Love it! Even Phoebe here went "Awwwww!"

  3. I saw the video earlier, but I like the pictures too!

    Sorry the house didn't work out, but I'm glad you have a peace about it.

    And I'm glad everyone is on the mend there. We are feeling AWFUL over here! Double ear infection, runny nose, coughing, sore chest, congestion, sinus headaches, and teething between Josiah and I. It's not good!

  4. Candice5:43 pm

    a pleasure...and he looks very cute in it too!

    So sorry that the house didn't work out, but am sure there's even a better one waiting for you to find it..


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