Sunday, April 18, 2010

I spoke too soon

My whole household is sick sick sick and I am tired of all the snot.

Seriously, I hated it before I had kids (and people said, just wait, it's different when it's your own, not so) and I still hate it.

So I sneak up on Connor (main culprit) and because he HATES me wiping his nose, shakes his head violently from side to side, all the while screaming.


Let me go back a bit.

They had their measles vaccinations on Thursday. The nurse said it presents flu-like symptoms in 10% of babies... I guess mine are the 10%.

Thursday night was seemingly normal but Friday saw both kids with blocked, stuffy noses and Connor coughing.

My kids have never been sick so this is new to us.

Kendra was fine the next day but Connor is still not great. And mornings are better than evenings though. I couldn't believe the happy, laughing, smiling baby this morning after the rough night. He obviously doesn't remember being a grumpy boy.

On Saturday I cancelled going to our Infertility Support Group because he wasn't eating, very niggly and wanted to be held all the time.

Which means... both D and I got his germs!

I took two Degoran on Friday night and last night I took one.

Of course their sleep has also not been great - worst is up until about 12 am and then it's okay until 5.

I even let the babies skip their baths yesterday which is a big deal for me (stop laughing). I never skip baths.

But here's the thing - we are ALL ill (K's probably doing the best, and then me) but D took himself off to bed this morning for about 3 hours. A mother's job never ends!

It felt like those days when I was on maternity leave where I'd be rushing between babies all the while in my pj's. Except I wasn't freaking out (that's a nice change).

I eventually got myself washed and dressed at 3! Only because I wanted to drive around looking at houses. Sundays are show house days in our suburb.

Only thing - while I was out, Connor refused to settle so he was basically awake for 4 hours straight (this boy MUST sleep after 2 - 2 1/2 hours) and turned into Crabby Connor with a side of Sick. He's now gone to bed without supper and only half a bottle.

Other than that, I had a good weekend.

I still have LOTS of things undone on my to-do list but that's okay.

Quite honestly, I'm questioning whether I actually want to do a Really Big Thing with lots of mini tasks. Decisions, decisions.

How was your weekend?


  1. I hate snot with a passion...I feel for you!

    I'll tell you though...the one thing I wouldn't skip while they were sick was baths...they totally cleaned out their noses (only to be stuffed back up 5 minutes later). Plus, they don't want to be held while they're in the bath!

    Hang in there!!!

  2. Sorry you're all sick! I'm with you on the bath thing...we almost never skip. It does wonders for their mood just before bed! Hope you all feel better quickly.

  3. Well that is no fun, but I would take it over puke and poo! I am amazed that you are really embarking on a new house and looking with a baby! Hopefully everyone feels better soon and you find a tactic for attacking the snot monsters!

  4. I'm dreading the day when Ava is sick. Just can't bare the thought of it!
    Hope you all start feeling better soon.l


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