Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm here

Goodness, look how late it is and it's my first time online today.

I'm actually quite proud of myself ;)

I'm writing this listening to my iTunes (Mandy - Barry Manilow version)
with a lovely cup of tea at my side.

Well, we only left an hour later than scheduled this morning which, for

Thing is... I can't believe the amount of babies' stuff we had to schlep
with us.

  • two campcots (pack and plays) and mattresses
    a tog bag FULL of linen
    a suitcase full of the babies' clothes
    another bag with nappies and toiletries
    another bag with microwave sterilizer, a gazillion bottles, formula and
    other kitchen stuff
    a cooler bag with all their food (no, I didn't stoop to Purity)
    still another bag with toys and teddies

that's all beside the babies, us, D's mum and our clothes and food.

I said to D that it is totally not worth being out of your comfort zone - it's been prep for a day or two whereas before, grab a suitcase, throw in some clothes and we were ready.

He said, "you'll see"...

Hmmm, don't know about that.

My friend, Natalie, said to me that it's not a holiday, it's a change of scenery!

Too true.

So we'll see - so far so good.

The babies are in their element as there's UNDERFLOOR heating here and lovely, plush carpets.

When we arrived, Kendra was off, exploring. It was actually really cute to see - this tiny little baby (she still looks like a newborn!) whizzing around the place.

She's already fallen while trying to stand... and screamed... so I figure the place has been christened!

Connor has also been squealing, making his gleeful (?) boy sounds and rolling around the place. He LOVED his bath so much - I let them have proper baths in the big bath - "swimming" like a little fish. TOO CUTE. I laughed so hard.

And now I have to write my weekly newsletter and then I can climb into this lovely comfortable bed with my book.

P.S. Happy Freedom Day. It's Freedom Day in South Africa, my favourite public holiday of all as freedom is my number 1 value. What's yours?


  1. Glad you made it. I'm pretty partial to the song you are listening to from itunes! Don't stress too much and just have fun. It'll be good for you.

  2. Oh gosh yes. Once you loose the sterilizer and bottles and nebulizer and humidifier, it is all way simpler. We have "traied" them to sleep right on those thin camping cot mattresses - really worth it. No 1 never wanted to, then I hear about wrapping the camping cot mattresses with a polar fleece blanket before putting the sheet over - works like a charm, because it is not the thin or hard that is the problem but the sound the canvas type cover makes that disturbes their sleep.

  3. So glad you are enjoying yourselves so far! Even if it is only a "change of scenery", it's good for all of you to get away. Get those babies started on traveling early! : )

  4. Change of scenery huh? Hmmmmf. Will you be able to sneak in a sleep in somewhere along the line?

    K sounds like she's being extra cute. I hope you're capturing some of this in video form?

    Holidays? Hmmmm. Probably Anzac Day. April 25 - NZ and Australia joint day. Commemorating huge loss of life in WW1. Probably our most serious public holiday (I'd go as far as to say it's a bigger deal than our National day), and huge respect given to it by younger generations who turn out for the dawn services, even in the rain.


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