Friday, April 09, 2010


Have you seen that cute Top Mommy Blog button on the sidebar? ---->

I've been feeling icky about it for about a week now.

See, I saw this button on lots of blogs and thought, "cool! I'm an awesome person" (that's what all the marketing material tells me from people trying to sell me stuff :)); let me sign up.

So I did.

But I'm not made for sales, that much I do know. And looks like you have to beg people to vote for you. *shudder*

Bravely, I put a link to get votes on two of my posts but it just felt too salesy, too slimy.

And then a couple of days later I figured out why - it's because I blog to get rid of the noise in my head, for cheap therapy if you like, and quite honestly, whether I'm a top mommy blogger or not, I'm quite happy in my corner of the world, with all you lovely people.

Now before you think I'm all virtuous... I love competition as much as (actually, probably MORE than) the next person and of course there's a part of me who would love to be in the top 10.

But that's not what this is about.

So when I have some time tomorrow I'm going to do some blog maintenance and take that button down. You may have noticed I tried to install a new free background and it stuffed things up royally so lots of stuff is all over the place.

How do you feel about competition in the blogosphere?

P.S. My new blog is about 50% done.... I approved the header last night so apparently the rest is relatively easy. Can't WAIT to show you :)


  1. Oh I am so with you, I hate begging for votes and so I hate any competition that requires votes... I have had folks enter us in a competition and while the other entries were posting giveaway (vote for us and you can enter) I was mortified at the thought of asking for votes. That being said I can't help myself at obsessing over the results... So now I don't enter these at all because I don't want to be obsessing and it seems just a tad on the self-seeking side!!! Have a fun weekend - you would love the rainy weather here!!!

  2. I'm not big on competition. I just like to write for me, but I'll admit I loooooove comments!

  3. se7en, I love your comment! Mortified is spot-on :)

    Wouldn't you know it? Continual rainy weather which we're waiting to have cleared up so we can paint our front wall.

  4. A friend of mine asked me the other day why I don't try to make money from my blog...I just don't have the energy and that's not what my blog is for. For me, my blog is free therapy and a way to chronicle all that is going on in our's tempting to win awards, but I'm just not that gung ho about things!

  5. I can't do those things, by the time I get to blogging it's usually really late and I can't barely see what I'm typing. My blog is for me, as I have told DH countless times, and as much as I love the comments and advice I really could care less what people think about my blog and I!

    So excited for your new header. I sort of wish my blog were more attractive but again, I just don't have the energy to tackle that right now.

  6. No- I don't think I could ask someone to vote for me nor could I bring myself around enough to care. My blog is to remind me of the crazy things my kids do or say and to remind me of things that happened. I do however LOVE LOVE LOVE comments.

  7. I'm not an award type blogger but I love comments and am disappointed when I get only a few. If I read a blog post I try to always comment. I'm disappointed when I don't get comments and I'm flattered when someone puts me in their "blogs they read" sidebar.

  8. TOTALLY agree! I don't do the competition thing, and I've stopped reading a couple of blogs that were too attention-seeking and/or became too much about product reviews, etc. I blog for the community and the friendships I've developed (agree with all of the above on the power of comments!), not the money or the power. I will be adding some occasioinal book reviews beginning later this month, but that's something for ME, not to make money, draw readers, etc. The only thing I'll get out of the deal are free books!

  9. You'll always be authentic, even if you do have that button.

    You see, you have intelligence, wit and CONTENT. Something that some of those blogs you're referring to are missing.

    Enjoy your blog maintenance - and thanks for the heads up. Go check out my new attempt :)


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