Thursday, April 15, 2010

Military Mama

You all know my ongoing obsession with sleep.

The one good thing about being so obsessed is I analyse everything half to death... and then I try this and that until the situation improves.

So things are going great.... for Connor. He had that one night of waking 5 times before 12, we increased his daytime bottles the very next day and he has again been sleeping 11 - 12 hours at night.


I'm a genius :)

Now as for Kendra, we've always been a little more lenient with her because she had those feeding problems and is a lightweight.

But honestly, these days she eats more than Connor (real food) and drinks over 600 ml a day so now finally, I feel ready to get tough with her.

So she's been regressing, it seems to me, because from waking once at around 12, to waking at 10-ish and then just after midnight.

I think we had her wake about 3 times on Tuesday night and both D and I said yesterday morning, "what are we going to do about Kendra?"

That's the good thing about us - we analyse situations and try to fix IMMEDIATELY.

I said, "tonight nothing but water". My actual rule is no milk before 12.

D was game so the plan was set.

I must admit I may have rubbed my hands together in glee once or twice. I am bad!

She woke at 10.20 and I gave her a water bottle.

She then slept until about 12.15 and again I gave her the water bottle.

D said she woke properly (for milk) at about 3 am.

Which I am FINE about.

So we repeat tonight and for the next few nights until she realises she is NOT getting milk before 12, and then we'll push the time to 1, and then 2.

And even when we do give her milk, she gets the watered-down version until the "official wake-up time" of 6 am.

Just call me Military Mama :)

P.S. I have the Best Kids Ever. We went for their 9-month vaccinations today and it was MUCH worse in my imagination than the actual experience. They yelped when the needle went in and that was that. Now we wait... apparently 10% of children display flu-like symptoms up to 10 days afterwards.

P.P.S. I've been waiting to finish it entirely but I'm actually way too excited so tomorrow I'm going to start telling you about The Best Parenting Book Ever :)


  1. A Beautiful Blogger award awaits you over at my place - for obvious're a star.

    What were the vaccs today? We don't have anymore until 15 mths now - except for the optional flu and chicken pox ones.

    Sleep. Argh. Go Military mama :)

  2. With twins, you have to be a total military mama!!! I was a schedule nazi...if you ever want to get any sleep, you have no choice!

    Sounds like you're doing wonderfully with them!!!

    The vaccines were also way worse in my head than they actually ended up being!! It's amazing how resilient our little ones are!

  3. Saffy, you are TOO kind!

    These were for measles - do you do that in NZ at this age?

    She told us we now have some at 12, 15 and 18 months and then nothing until they're 6!

    12 months is chicken pox.

    Helene, but my poor Connor started displaying some symptoms as he is not drinking his milk and NOTHING, but NOTHING, comes in the way of his milk :)


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