Sunday, April 04, 2010

One of my favourite topics - food...

How ironic - as I type this, D's just told me that my kidney beans have just burned. I was planning to make chili con carne tomorrow. I'll have to substitute lentils and change it to a bolognaise sauce.

You see, I think something along the lines of, "I'll quickly go do ______ " and then I forget about my pot on the stove until I hear a sizzle or smell burn.

About 90% of the time I do remember to take a kitchen timer with me - that annoying ticking reminds me about my pot!

But not tonight - I wanted to check emails and got sidetracked.

At other times, I stay and organise something, ANYTHING, just to keep me put in the kitchen.

But enough about my kitchen woes...back to the question of the week:

I don't have a picky eater (D) - he is very easy to cook for. As long as there's a lot of whatever it is, he's happy. He doesn't eat cauliflower but does eat mostly everything even though he technically doesn't like vegetables.

His mother told me when we got married, "he doesn't know half of what goes into a meal. You just put the vegetables in and he won't know the difference".

Very true - he doesn't.

Hopefully Kendra and Connor will end up being good eaters?

(as an aside, the food strike seems to be over....C's been eating beautifully the last 3 - 4 days or so....)

When I'm short on time (um, 99% of the time) I cook quick and easy meals - from start to on the table in 30 minutes or less. I have a whole list that we like but my favourites to cook when I'm pressed for time are either a stirfry or a pasta dish.

Either that or I resort to one of my freezer meals. I like to have a good stash. I know when they're running low because the containers I store them in suddenly start piling up in my cupboard, hence the chili con carne.

One of my favourite go-to meals is anything to do with pasta.

My sister tells me I can do anything with pasta :) - it's true. I can generally take anything in the fridge and pantry and whip up a tasty pasta dish in all sorts of weird combinations that somehow make sense.

E.g. I've done a creamy, slightly spicy chicken pasta with pureed butternut stirred in. It is DELICIOUS.

I figure, "what's the worse that can happen?" and start tossing this and that into the pot LOL

The first night back after we've been away for a holiday (vacation) is usually pasta.

D loves most of what I cook (his only complaint sometimes is I make things that are "too healthy" - I then remind him that we have children he needs to be around for LOL) but his favourite meal is spaghetti bolognaise.

What do you cook when you're short on time?

P.S. Oh, I must add... I really really really hate take aways but if D had a choice, that's what we'd get. Very occasionally I cave but then it's because I'm really really really tired :)


  1. Have you ever thought of moving to America? I would buy you the house next door if you would cook for me! Cooking at work makes me dread cooking at home and my husband WILL NOT eat any vegetable. How to do you secretly add veggies?

  2. I love what your husband's mother told you about hiding the veggies! My husband is the same way...he'll sit there and announce how much he hates zucchini as he's stuffing another bite of meatloaf in his mouth (I always finely grate zucchini and put it in the meatloaf...he still has NO clue).

  3. bless you --- but I totally understand the starting to cook, then getting called away to something else --only to find the soup boiling, etc.

  4. Tacos .. usually. Sometime's Tim will cook up a huge plate of hamburgers. Otherwise it's pasta with somthing ... Tuna or ground burger.

    With summer breathing down our necks - the crock pot is coming out less and less. Soon it will be too hot for the stove. Then it's salads and what can be rewarmed quickly in the microwave.


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