Monday, April 26, 2010


a SMALL part of what my dining room looked like last night -
notice my kicked-off shoes and my mug of tea :)

Do you ever feel like your brain is racing so much with all your things to do that you can't actually stop to think?

I told you how I forgot we're going on holiday TOMORROW so this weekend has been go go go when I've been here.

I was working at a client's house on Saturday (doing professional organising work - on Saturday I worked with her boys and we decluttered and organised ALL their clothes - it was GREAT!) and of course we had church and some errands yesterday so busy busy busy.

So when I was actually here that's all the time I had to work on this stuff.

Hence the overwhelm.

But then I had to do some self-coaching on myself and I did the first thing I always tell my clients - I made a list.

The list is now made and I've categorised it so after I finish writing this blog post, my computer stuff is done (except for this week's newsletter but I usually write that on a Monday night so will do so tonight) and I can get into the kitchen.

Kitchen area
  1. Cook chilli con carne
  2. Pack our food
  3. Pack babies' food
  4. Do laundry - whites
  5. Do laundry - colours

  1. Pack babies' clothes
  2. Pack laptop (!!!) - hopefully the signal won't be too pathetic out in the sticks (compared to Jhb) and I can actually get some good blogging on.
  3. Pack my clothes

Out stuff
  1. Go to movies with D (we both took today off)
  2. Go buy D 15th anniversary present (I do know what I want to get - it's just the getting)
Thank goodness V is here to look after the babies!

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?


  1. I so do that too. Lists are my best friends. I feel like if I don't have it written down, I just cannot clear my thoughts!
    Hope you have a fab holiday and travel safe!

  2. You seem to be getting it all together! I hope you have a wonderful vacation.
    When I'm overwhelmed I panic or cry and then start at one point of whatever is overwhelming me and slowly work through it tills its done. Usually whatever has left me feeling overwhelmed turns out to not be such a big deal once I"ve calmed down.

  3. Oh I am huge on lists - I will not be able to live without my lists. My hubby and family laughs at my lists. I write them all in my special Moleskine that is a weekly diary on the left hand side and note paper on the right.

    Enjoy your holiday and anniversary.

  4. I am a list maker too. And then slow down and tackle them one at a time.

  5. Probably a bit of flapping and stress, then rational me kicks in and lists for Africa :)

    I have absolutely no doubt that you'll have a wonderful holiday and nothing will be forgotten.

    15 years. Nice :)

    Looking forward to the pics.
    Safe travels.

  6. I'm like you...I make lists and then I delegate. You're not the only one going on holiday...make sure you get some help (God, isn't it hard to ask for help sometimes?)!

  7. I take a few moments - even if it's just a few - to breathe. Seriously. I get so anxious when I get overwhelmed. So i put my lists down, I put on praise and worship and I breathe and relax for about 5 minutes then I start fresh!


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