Wednesday, April 14, 2010 new blog layout and an almost Wordless Wed post

A big BIG thank you to Krystyn at Krizzy Designs for doing my new blog layout.

She was sooooo patient with me as I deliberated over fonts, colours, everything... and I am OVER THE MOON at how it all turned out.

I sometimes don't know what I want but I do know what I don't want! (also known as NO imagination - I have to see things)

And now onto today's post.


These kids are my children... no doubt about that because I LOVE corn on the cob. I used to buy these in droves (just for me) when I was first pregnant. I craved fruit and vegetables.

Kendra eating like a lady...

so dainty

and Connor, well, not!

that's it, my boy, get stuck in!

this is my favourite pic!


  1. Like the new layout!

  2. LOVE the corn pics - def 21st b'day contenders :)

  3. Love the new layout and colors! Corn on the cob is always hysterical in our house too...Hailey won't even touch it, but Matthew goes at it with gusto!

  4. Loving the new look!!!!

  5. love it! nice, bright, white, clean- perfect!

    and yum- corn!

  6. Gorgeous new look, and gorgeous babas!

  7. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Hey M, i think your little angels are just soooo precious. and the new look is divine. Must tell you C weighs 6.9 as of monday!!!!


  8. Robz, now I can ask you, "what are you feeding him?" LOL

  9. New layout looks great! Very bright and cheerful! Cute pictures!

  10. I LOVE the new design. The bright colors and clean design look great! Cute pictures, too. I hadn't thought about corn on the cob, but we'll have to try it. Mackenzie eats like C, and Addison is a dainty, clean eater like K. Aren't they funny?!

  11. I love the new look! Yum, corn on the cob!

  12. Those guys are really the cutest... you are a very blessed mama!!!

  13. Those guys are really the cutest... you are a very blessed mama!!!

  14. Love the new look!! WOW, very snazzy hey? xxx


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