Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shopping for me

It's no secret that I'm, well, frugal :)

In fact, one of the things I'm most proud of is that we live a really good life on really, really low salaries. We have always earned less than most of our friends but we have a good thing going because (1) we tithe and God does His bit and (2) I use wisdom


Now and again I like to break loose.

It's not very pretty because I go wild telling myself I deserve it, whatever IT might be.

And I justify it because I really don't get stuff all that often and I always do have the money - I never ever ever buy anything on credit.


I went to buy Kendra a sleep sack.

The kids are moving around like CRAZY and since the house is cold, I'm super aware that if they escape their blankets, they'll freeze.

I do check on them once or twice while I'm still awake, up until 11 or 12, but then it's every man (or baby) for himself :)

Connor has a sleep sack from when he first started kicking off his blankets. I've started putting him in it again and wanted the same for Kendra.

Anyway, so I go in to buy ONE sleep sack (R100) and come out with R1 000 worth of things, clothes for me and the sleep sack.

I love the clothes I got though and wore one of the jackets to work the very next day.

(it was a beautiful grey, overcast day and I just felt like wearing "hot shot red")

Then yesterday I decided to go buy one of those cute 10-inch laptops - it is GORGEOUS. Note I didn't even say which model it is - Samsung. As I told the salesman, I am a woman - I go for CUTE. Oh, it has a built-in modem - so convenient.

Today I bought Microsoft Office 2007 and now I think I need to be done spending for a bit.

This is seriously crazy (for me).

Do you buy lots of clothes for yourself? What's your spending style?


  1. Dude, that's like a BINGE shop :)
    Awesome. Post a pic of your pretty new jacket - maybe posing with your pretty new laptop :)

    What kind of sleeping bag did you get? Do you get the evil glare there if you buy anything with polyester in it? We do here. But it can't be all bad because we had a few sent to us from the UK as gifts and they all had polyester centres. I guess not everyone in the world is as obsessed with wool as we are.

    As for me and clothes - I used to buy heaps. Now I have an overfull wardrobe which I've been culling. Shoes are my ultimate downfall. So being at home on 1 income hasn't been that hard in terms of finding something to wear ;) I don't think I'll ever shop as much as I used to for me. Um proof in point that D had a bunch of stuff arrive from the States for her winter and spring wardrobes this morning. She is one kitted out kid.

    Happy Friday!

  2. It is a binge shop, isn't it? LOL

    Okay, I'll get D to take a pic IF I'm looking decent :)

    You know me - I couldn't care one iota if I get the look. I'm SURE there's polyester but will check for you tomorrow when they're awake.

  3. The only way I will buy something for me is if it is on MAJOR sale or I need it really bad. I did buy a new shirt and a new pair of shoes (both on MAJOR sale) for my last date night with my Husband.

  4. Good for you! You love cloudy days, right?

    I go in spurts...I won't buy anything for months and then realize that I have NOTHING to wear and go out and spend a bunch of money...I'm smart though...I get deals and coupons and all that good stuff. I love to shop, but right now, everything gets ruined so quickly or isn't practical!

  5. Go you! I could spend hours browsing the net, but I hate to shop in stores! Even though I'm in dire need of new clothes! This heat wave is just another reminder that I am so ill prepared for summer!

  6. I haven't been shopping for me since starting maternity leave. I always land up spending on Ava and not on myself!!!
    But that shopping spree does sound heavenly and as soon as I'm back at work I think I will be treating myself!

  7. I need to buy some clothes for me for work. Last spring and summer I wore maternity clothes and then after the boys were born, shorts and t-shirts. The few years before that, I didn't buy much work clothes, because I was hoping to get pregnant.

  8. Saffy, 50% polyester, 50% cotton! LOL



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