Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small pleasures

Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland - 2008

  • My new blog. Every time I click through, I smile. My new design makes me feel all grown-up and like a "real blogger". It's so pretty and clean and easy on the eye!
  • Clean bathrooms - what this says about me I don't know but I love cleaning (my) bathrooms. I cleaned the big one again on Sunday (after it had been cleaned on Saturday) because the maid doesn't do it like I like... and I'm too lazy to fire her and find another. *sigh*
  • Browsing crafty blogs - it can get crazy as in computer shut down from all the links that I'd opened from just one blog, The Girl Creative
  • A bowl of warm, creamy pasta
  • Kendra's giggles
  • Feeling the crisp, cool winter air on my face
  • singing along to happy songs
  • Jumping into my warm bed with a hot mug of tea and my book
  • Comments on posts!
  • The sight and taste of green Granny Smith apples
  • Connor's boy sounds
  • My red handbags

What are your small pleasures?


  1. Nodding to all those :) - bar Connor's boy sounds, just substituting D for K. I like the Chickpea Studio blog (it's in my 'other' list). Red handbags are the bomb.

    Other pleasures? crispy line dried towels, cold nights and a roaring fire, laying on the grass looking up at the clouds, the smell of freshly baked bread, new shoes, new car. Squealing babies. Cuddles.

  2. Saffy, love the squealing babies. Yes, yes, yes.

    And do you know what? I never ever lay on the grass looking at clouds!

  3. i love your new blog design too. I need to do the same to mine. It's pretty old.

    Things I love: Liam's giggle and Tommy's belly laugh, going to the beach, snuggling with Phoebe or my DH, having my nails painted (I do myself when I have time), spending quiet time cooking in my kitchen.

  4. "Boy sounds" is the perfect way to describe them. I'm interested in your red many do you have? I love when people collect interesting things like that.

  5. Hmmm, Rebecca, I don't collect them as such, I just simply like them so if I see one I like, I buy. But I do have a strict one in, one out rule and every so often, I have to declutter some. Looks like I'm getting rid of others as I have 4 red handbags at the moment.

  6. Oh I love the handbag! Your new look is beautiful. My fav small pleasure at present: Sally Williams nougat bar covered in Milk chocolate.

  7. I love cleaning the bathroom too. It's probably because it's the only household task (other than baking) that I'm excellent at. Also, I can clean everything but the tub while the girls are IN the tub, and they copy me by scrubbing away at the tub walls with their washcloths. Good bonding time.

  8. My favorite pleasures are all family and friends - smiles, giggles together. knowing what you did or gave was helpful.

    I love LaRue's babbles and giggles and watching her explore.
    I love Joel's explanations and drawings.
    CHOCOLATE anything.
    Hugs from my nephews and nieces.
    Craft supplies for school, all stacked just so.
    The "lightbulb moment" when a child learns something new and has been struggling with it.

    I DON'T like cleaning the bathroom. LOL


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