Thursday, May 20, 2010

5 things I really like about me

The lovely Cat tagged me for this meme.

You have to pick 5 photos of yourself that you love and I think say why, and then share 5 things you really like about yourself.

Here goes:

D & I in Thailand - Oct 2006 -
I loved Thailand, being brown and tanned always helps - one of the best holidays ever for lazing, eating and more eating :)
Later that year, December 2006 - went to Grahamstown for D & V's wedding and walked around Rhodes University, taking pics of our old haunts. We literally fell in love in the dining hall pictured behind us :)

The first time I had professional photos taken - Feb 2008 - it was not really by choice but was on my list for the year as I needed to have my website redone. Well, at the end I was more relaxed and said, "let's take a pic for Facebook" and this is the one. I'm leaning on a gigantic tiger or something... He usually uses this prop for bikini modelling *ahem*. One of my favourite pics ever - was so unplanned and spur-of-the-moment and is still my facebook pic.

Later that year in May (can you see I'd been working on my life list?) we planned a trip to the UK. Ireland is on my life list and this was in Wicklow (the scene of P.S. I love you), just outside of Dublin.

I literally GASPED when I saw the beauty and you all know how I love the cold so I did this very spontaneously too (hey, there's a theme happening) and D snapped this pic. I love the freedom it depicts.

And of course, my long-awaited for pregnancy. I loved being pregnant and I loved loved LOVED that big belly. It also helped that I looked good :)

This one is 27 weeks along!

and then, as I was looking through my pics, I found this BONUS one :) 31 weeks 3 days. About 10 days before the babies were born. Isn't it magnificent?! LOL

Oh, I miss the good hair and skin...
And now 5 things I really like about myself:

  1. I have a thick skin. I can take a LOT and it rolls off me. I think it's helped me be more resilient.
  2. I take action. Always. I correct course sometimes but if I think something's a good idea, I don't just sit with the intention, I do something about it.
  3. I love that I can communicate and talk easily with almost anyone. I really do care very deeply about people and I try and remember things people tell me so they know I really did care.
  4. I'm passionate. I can and do throw myself into things wholeheartedly. This is something I really want to instill in the kids as I think passion is contagious.
  5. I really like that I can say no and not feel guilty (hey, I should do a product on this). I think it's such an under-utilised word and is the main source of most people's stress.

and a bonus, I love that I've had gone out with guys across the 4 racial groups in South Africa. Relationships with 3, and went to a ball with the 4th. Adds a bit of edge, doesn't it? LOL

Please share ONE thing you really like about yourself with me. Don't think too hard and don't be shy!

P.S. Cat said that she liked her b**bs - I love that and I LAUGHED!

I'm tagging 5 of my fellow twin moms - Heather, Mandibula, Claudia, Deanna and Sadia - I'm specifically choosing people who seem to be camera-shy on their blogs :)


  1. Oh I just love that Ireland picture - love it!

    You have excellent qualities girl and thanks for doing this one - I thought it was a really good one.

  2. I so agree with saying "no." I'm still working on doing it without guilt! Love the pictures...beautiful!

  3. Ha, you would choose me for my camera shyness!

  4. Ha, you would choose me for my camera shyness!

  5. I love all your photos!!! Please teach me how to say no without feeling guilty?! I haven't even learnt just saying no yet, nevermind the guilt!

  6. I'm a great teacher and story teller and I hope I'm a pretty good Mom.

    But I'm always second guessing myself and very afraid of being offensive. :(

    Beautiful pictures.
    Love Baby Bump pictures!

  7. All the pictures are wonderful, especially the one of you with your arms wide open breathing in fresh air!!! It totally depicts freedom!!

    And the belly pics are had such a perfectly round pregnant belly!!

    I wish I could say no and not feel guilty! I've gotten much better at saying, "Uh, can I get back to you about that?" and then e-mailing or texting later with a "sorry but I can't". I still feel guilty though!

  8. I'd be hard-pressed to find 5 pics of me, let alone 5 I liked.

  9. LOL Jayme - I used to be like that until I actually relaxed about the whole thing!

    And then, strangely enough, I didn't mind the not so nice pics.

    Rachel, you ARE a great mother and you always give me a really good perspective on things.

    Sabine, start small - it's like working a muscle LOL

    Helene, that's an example of saying no. At least you're not saying yes outright!

  10. I'll definitely do this at home later. I have to see what pics of me I have at home.


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