Monday, May 24, 2010

Alone time, part two

My poor boy was not well yesterday. A little bit hot but no real other symptoms.

Oh wait, he didn't want his bottles (BIG red alert as C always has his bottles).

That's why he was so whiny on Saturday... don't you hate when you think it's one thing and it's actually another?


So this time D went to church with Kendra and I stayed at home with Connor.

I must say, it took some powerful persuasian skills as D was nervous to be with one baby without me (in public) but I told him it would be FINE, she is EASY and so on.

(I can't believe Kendra is now easy - if you'd told me this in the early days I would never have believed you!)

When he got back, he said it was like having one baby instead of three!


No pram needed, only a tiny bag of provisions, etc.

We are definitely fans of the one-baby-at-a-time errand/ outing.

Connor, on the other hand, was needy and would not let me out of his sight.

It's lovely for a bit but then... there is food to make, rooms to clean, etc.

Reminded me of being on maternity leave when I was still in pajamas at 12.

Last night he woke twice (11 and 3:30) and was up for about 30 minutes each time.

How quickly we get used to a new normal!

That would have been fine months ago but now we're so used to just handing them a bottle and letting them get on with it that we're quite knackered :)

Of course, this morning he looks perfectly fine - grunting, squealing and making lots of boy noises as he usually does.

How was your weekend?

P.S. I've discovered the only reason I don't like winter in Jhb - dry skin. Jeepers - I feel like an old woman with this wrinkly skin. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and it just SEEPS into the skin.

P.P.S. As MandyE said in the comments, if that's the worst thing about my day, then I'm blessed :)


  1. Ai yes, all part of life I guess.

  2. Hope he's feeling better soon!!! I was leaving to run an errand yesterday and Matt was seriously wanting to stay home with Daddy, but Daddy didn't offer to keep him, so I missed out on just being able to shop with Hailey...I need to get out with one more much easier!

  3. Rebecca, as I said, D was not keen at first. As they were leaving they looked so cute (Daddy and Daughter), my heart just melted.

    I would just leave him!

  4. Poor dear, do you think it might be teeth? That is how Emma gets and it drives me nuts! Hopefully single child outings will continue!

    And I'm not ignoring being tagged, I just can't find 5 pictures of myself!

  5. Love being able to take them out one at a time. It doesn't happen very much, but today I got to take just Liam to the doctor, as I was worried about his ears. He keeps pulling at them, but no fever, but he was clingy all weekend too. Anyway, he's fine. I think it's teeth.

    And I saw you saw my 5 pics. I knew I was going to need some time to sit down and make decisions for that post. it also made me think I should be in pics more. I liked seeing me when I was younger. I guess in 20 years I'll think I looked fabulous now too, LOL!

  6. Thanks for the footnote! :)

    Our girls have "switched" personalities on and off, too. At first, B was extremely demanding, but these days, A seems much more aggressive. It's so interesting to observe.

    I've gotta try this one-baby thing!

  7. I have been MIA but still reading your posts! Sorry for the lack of commenting. BB had a fever for 2 days as well. Same thing! Doctor said she's probably teething. Oh, and after the fever broke, she broke out in a rash. Roseola maybe? Glad to know he is better! And that K is easy now!! =)


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