Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the long-awaited winner is....

Remember the giveaway for the $40 gift voucher from CSN stores?

Well, I know I'm a slacker but honestly last night I was SO exhausted from cooking for us, cooking for the babies, writing my newsletter that I couldn't face anything more.

So here we go.

There were 16 comments, 3 of them were outside US and Canada, so 13 left.

Our friend, Random.org picked number 8 which is...........

Jayme!!! who said

Through the years I've learned what you need and what can wait. I had the crib all set up with the gorgeous bedding for my first... my second used his hand me downs... my third did get some new bedding.

By the time Lili was born, we didn't even bother setting up the crib until she was about 9 or 10 months old- I knew she'd end up in our bed.
For the twins, we bought just one crib and bedding set, I figured when they outgrew sharing we'd get another- and my mom bought the second set for them for Christmas. We still haven't painted, although we finally did buy the paint for the walls recently. They've got an airplane theme, in red and blue for their room.

Congrats, Jayme. The only thing better than winning something myself is giving to others :)

Please send me an email and I'll put you in contact with the guys at CSN.

P.S. His name is also Jamie :)


  1. Congrats to Jayme! She deserves some sunshine! :)

  2. Mandy, exactly what I thought :)

  3. WOO HOO! Thank you!!


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