Thursday, May 06, 2010

Beautiful Blogger award

Thank you, S, for this award and sorry it took me so long to get this out.

I can't even find your post let alone the link but I know you have to give 7 facts and then pass it on.

Oh the list of things to blog.

So let's see if I can find yet another 7 tidbits to shock you with:

  1. When I get cross, I clean and organise. Somehow I find it therapeutic. My stuff is super-organised at the moment because the maid is driving me nuts. Must fire her but she's kind of sweet and I'm lazy to train another...
  2. I started appreciating the little moments in life after hearing Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) on Oprah. I love love LOVE hearing writers speak and use beautiful language (probably because I'm so factual) and the way she described feeling the sun on her face while going to fetch the mail made me think, "yes! I also need to start appreciating those moments" so I did. It helped me focus on the good in my life in the depths of infertility.
  3. I still get all emotional when I hear about an infertile getting pregnant. This news made my DAY! Seriously. Sabine flew all the way to South Africa to have her IVF (best decision ever).
  4. I started eating brown bread/ wholewheat when I was 4. Apparently I came home from school and announced to my mother, "the teacher says white bread isn't healthy and I'm not eating it anymore". The stubborn streak was there in full force even back then (my mother actually says when I learned to say "no" I never stopped LOL) and so the whole household had to switch. Strange thing is they waited until I left home (for university) to start buying white bread again. LOL
  5. It is still one of my dreams to live and work in another country for at least two years. I don't think I'd want to stay (unless life was very, very good - better than here) but I do want the non-tourist experience.
  6. I hated needlework classes at primary school. We had to take them for 3 years and I remember crying at night because I was SO SLOW at knitting, sewing, etc. and I would much rather be reading! Now, I wish I could sew when I see all the cuteness on the crafty blogs. I don't know why I torture myself browsing things I can't do. Although... S said to me on email the other day that she thinks I'd be good at it. No, am very impatient, but I do remember sewing very straight bags and pencil bags when I was very young (around 13) so maybe there's still something there?
  7. I have these freaky hands. When it's cold, they drain totally of blood and are WHITE. It looks like I'm dead. Very weird. Next time it happens I will get D to take a pic.

So enough about me.

Please share one thing (anything) with me I may not know about you.

And if you haven't received this award from anybody yet, then you're getting it from me today!

cute baby hands


  1. So glad another girl is preggers. And I was so bad at needlework too. And lo and behold, later when I tried on my own I did well.

  2. thing you don't know about me? Do you know about ALL the twins in my family? My dad's a twin, his twin has a set of twins, and there are lots on Jeremy's side as well. I'm about to do a post on it, actually!

  3. Thanks for the mention - makes it feel (almost) real!!
    So excited and shocked.

  4. I love the picture of you sitting between your kiddos' car seats! Since we moved our girls out of their infant seats into convertible ones, I have to contort like a pretzel to get back there, but I do it from time to time. I need to get Hubby to make a pic. :)


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