Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Connor laughing with his daddy

This one was taken about a month ago...

and this one was two weeks ago in Clarens, actually at the Protea Hotel Golden Gate

On our first stop on the way to Clarens, I took Connor into the loos to change his nappy. Yes, he was on the changing mat, but I literally said to him the whole time, "no, boy, don't touch - DIRTY!" Ugh!

And there I decided very quickly that public toilets were not for me. Especially while the babies are squirmy and don't listen.

So we were out sightseeing in Clarens and we made a quick stop at this hotel to change the babies' nappies.

Connor has a thing about lights (not just any boring lights, mind you, but beautiful light fittings like chandeliers) - it's very cute but also weird. I joke that I'm buying him one of those projector things for his birthday (actually that's not a bad idea because he will have HOURS of fun watching stars or whatever on the bedroom ceiling).

Anyway, in this same hotel they had some lovely lights and he literally flipped backwards to look at the lights. I thought I had those pics with me too but they must be on my computer at home. Will post later if I remember.

Does anyone else's kids have strange habits?

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  1. Dude, that's C.U.T.E!!!
    I don't know if this will work in SA but a couple of friends here swear by stopping at public libraries whenever they're on the road because the toilets are so much nicer ;)

    Maybe C's going to be an architect :)

    D has a fabric 'thing' - loves to stroke different textures. I easily keep her amused in a store by letting her touch things.

  2. I LOVE baby laughs!!! Adorable!

  3. Tarynn loves lights as well. We have a pretty stained glass one at the top of the stairs in our house and every time we pass it and it is on, she leans way back to look at it.

    Landan likes warm clothes. When folding laundry, you really have to watch him or he will take off with your warm clothes, pile them on the couch and climb on top of them to cuddle with them. It is very cute... but gets annoying when you are trying to get multiple items back from him. Landan actually has tons of wierd stuff he does. He is a strange child...

    Aydan is pretty "normal" with his likes.

  4. Veronica, Landan sounds like my kind of child. I actually love weird kids.

  5. One of our girls is obsessed with Velcro. At first glance one might think, wow - she really loves that toy! A closer examination will likely reveal that she's found a bit of Velcro and attached herself to it. I think she likes the feel of it in her mouth. :)

    This is not a complete cure for smelly bathrooms, but do you have any disposable changing table pads? I have a couple of different brands, and I always keep some in the diaper bag. They open up pretty large - maybe 2'x3' - and they give you a larger surface to work with.

    I LOVE baby laughs!!! :)

  6. Both the boys love lights too. It doesn't matter if they are recessed lights or chandeliers. If there is a light hanging from the ceiling they will go crazy to look at it. They also love fans. We call the fan in our family room "their friend, Mr. Fan". When they were smaller they would babble to it. Liam will wave when he's leaving the room now and will keep doing it until he's in his crib. Tommy is obsessed with his tongue right now. It's always sticking out of his mouth. Even the doctor commented on it yesterday.

  7. Cute laughs. Loving lights is actually quite common.

    My kids love to eat red and yellow sweet peppers. I think that's a bit weird.


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