Friday, May 28, 2010

Definitely not an interior decorator... nor an event planner

My house is only slightly more in order today - my bedroom is back as it should be BUT I think I hate the colour.


We were debating whether to buy new curtains, duvets, etc. or simply to repaint.

I don't know if I can stand the disorder and chaos so my vote is to buy new curtains and whatnot.

D told me to CALM DOWN as new things usually take me a couple of days to get used to.


We had our lounge repainted in December and at first I hated it.

Then I switched things around and now I love the colour.

*fingers crossed*

So I'm blocking out thoughts of the room for a few days and hopefully the colour will grow on me. I've had to pack all my red handbags away as they clash with the wall (it's a minty-green colour) and were making me twitch.

The joys of being a control freak!

In other news, you'll be pleased to know I am in full Take Action mode.

We decided on a date for the baby dedication and I am doing it Marcia-style.

Very small, plain and simple and absolutely no fuss or bother :)

Have I ever told you I had the plainest wedding on earth?

We got married in our church but literally, D and me, no entourage. My dad walked me down the aisle and then the pastor did her thing and we were married. I feel that's what it's about anyway and I was never one of those "dreaming about her wedding day" sorts of girls.

Back to the details...
  • 10 adults and 2 babies (mine)
  • lunch catered and cupcakes from Pick and Pay for dessert
  • still undecided if I want to do white clothes - practical Marcia can't see the point...although my friend Ilse-with-the-gorgeous-house offered to loan me her daughter's white dress
  • my mother-in-law will do the ceremony (she was honoured! it means so much to her that she gets to do this for her grandkids)
  • it is literally going to be a 5-minute talk and then she'll pray over them, take a few photos, lunch, tea and cake and that is IT!
  • we decided on Wed night that it will be next Sunday - I love short deadlines - less time to stress :)
I figured out why I was so conflicted about all this hoopla. (I am doing very well thinking about my issues!)

It's because I am Totally 100% Fine with being different from the crowd (actually I love it) but I don't want the kids to feel "out". It sounds silly even writing that because if someone said this to me I'd say, "for goodness sake, you are their mother; you make the decisions!"

And rightly so!

P.S. What do you say to people when they ask, "how are the kids?" Seriously, I say things like "so big" or "so cute" but really, it's getting stale.

P.P.S. Deanna, I'm not going to lie to you. I can't possibly post pics until the room's looking reasonably okay, so pray for inspiration. Also, am off to buy those sippy cups!


  1. Yay for making plans! I don't think the kids will ever feel "out of the crowd" over their baptism/ me, it's a much more personal thing that we did because WE wanted to. Your plans sound great, and I hope it turns out exactly as you want it!

    Totally understand about the pictures...I promise I'm going to post house pictures one day too! (When it stays in order for more than 5 minutes, so it might be awhile!)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful party! Just my style! You're not the only one with a small wedding, we didn't even have the parents! As for the house, puh-lease! I'm sure the house is fantastic, clutter and all! You should really post pictures, we could help with the decorating!

  3. In response to "how are the kids?" I usually find myself saying, "They're a sweet mess." And then I share some tiny little anecdote or something. That's just what pops out of my mouth. :)

    I'm laughing at your moving your red handbags...too funny!

    And as long as you enjoy the dedication, that's all that matters.

  4. Sounds awesome! I so wish we lived close. I know we could be friends in real life. You can pop over my blog to see our not-big plans for the boys' birthday/Memorial Day weekend. So low-key. I'm looking forward to enjoying it!

  5. Ha! We just got our deck painted yesterday and I am soooo undecided about the color. It looks good, but I would chos something different if I could do it again (without having to pay for it).

    I love to hate big events...

  6. Yeah, you're mind kinda woman. Low fuss. Perfect.

    I want to see the painting. Wah wah wah. Or at least a pic of the paint chip/color? (a url will do :) ). D's room is a greeny color. Very peaceful and nice looking from that out to the garden. Maybe you could think of that? Of course you CRACKED ME UP with having to put your red handbags away :)

  7. PS; When someone asks me how D is, I just reply "lovely". Simple :p

  8. Oh we need to paint, I am very very afraid.

    Good luck with the dedications and btw Woollies secret center cupcakes are worth the buy.

    My standard response to hoe are the kids - busy!

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