Monday, May 31, 2010

(I can't get no) Satisfaction

I recently bought Jennifer Louden's Satisfaction Finder because I have some problems with "enough" in my life :)

I feel like I can't just BE and always need to be doing more, more, MORE, so when this popped into my email box, I thought great! And bought it.

Problem is... whenever I start working through the ebook or reading the satisfaction emails, this darn song keeps going through my head.


P.S. It is FREEZING COLD in Johannesburg and I'm loving it. When I went to work it was 9 degrees and when I came home it was 12,5 degrees. LOVELY!!!

D and I call weather like this "Irish weather" LOL

P.P.S. To my US friends, Happy Memorial Day.

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  1. Marcia, honestly, you could be writing these things and flogging them off at $40/piece yourself ;)

    That IS FREEZING for Jhb! We're heading for a high of 11 today, and very very grey skies. You'd adore it. Tres snuggly.


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