Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I hate Twitter

I've finally figured out why I hate Twitter!

It's because I feel like I'm talking to myself.

I hate hate hate not getting feedback.

Don't know if it's the time difference with all my "followers" or what, but when I talk on Twitter, no-one talks back.

I could get all strategic about it and work out which is the best time that people are on, and make sure that's when I tweet but honestly, that seems far too calculating for what's supposed to be FUN!

Agree? Disagree?

I must admit, sometimes Facebook feels the same. It actually drives me crazy when you say something and no-one says anything back.

When that happens, it feels a bit like my life is insignificant and only other people's status updates are Important or Newsworthy.

I know that's not true.

But still, I'm so over the whole popularity contest thing.

We're not in high school after all.

Which is also why I love my blog. This one.

On my other blog people are kind of quiet on the comments too.

So I want to say a BIG thank you to those of you who share with me in the comments and help me not to feel like I'm talking to myself.

Which is your favourite? Blog, Facebook or Twitter? And why?

P.S. I'm also kind of wordy :) so restricting myself to 140 characters is a MISSION!


  1. I love my blog. Not such a fan of FB and really hate twitter. I dont see the point of twitter.

  2. OH my blog totally wins. I love it best of all because I can talk endlessly about nothing at all. On facebook and twiter I have to be more to the point...not my strong suit!

    Second place goes to Twitter. It is basically facebook without all the crap. Plus I can follow all the famous people and feel like I Know them!

    What is your twitter name? I am @biogirl . Come find me so we can follow each other!

  3. I am torn between my blog and FB. It's real life verse blog life. I definitely am not a twitter fan. Maybe I'm too old school but I just don't get it. I don't see the allure. I've actually never been to the twitter site...I'm lame.

  4. I can only manage so many media so I just do blog and FB. I feel like it is worse when no one comments on my blog because that takes more time and energy for me to post.

  5. I'm w Sarah on this. Twitter is FB sans crap. BUT I did just delete all the 3rd party apps off my FB account... and have installed a washer program to stop getting the updates about everyones farmville/dope wars/which movie star do I most resemble etc etc so maybe it'll be appealing? And r.e. time zones - yep, when the US sleeps, my twitter feed goes down massively.

  6. I liked facebook for awhile, but then that got old. I like twitter when I am doing other stuff, it's quick and easy. It's also like instant gratification. And then there's blogging, which of course I love :)

  7. Yes!

    Disable all the rubbish from Facebook. I get NO emails except people who talk to me or write on my wall or comment on my photos - I don't care who's poking me, throwing things at me, etc, etc. LOL

    Once I did that, the overwhelm went and I can focus on my thing, which is connecting.

    Now and again I go in and ignore all those application requests :)

  8. I don't understand Twitter at all...nor do I want to. I'm kind of over FB and I love my blog...it's my free therapy and I love it.

  9. I love my blog, and to read blogs. I am "just a presence" on Facebook - only go on every few days. I do however put a lot of photos there - it's the way our family shares pictures.

    I have not succumbed to Twitter - mainly because I think it will overwhelm me totally.

  10. I love blogging and twitter!
    Twitter is nice bc I can chat with my babycenter chicks without it being broadcast on facebook.

    You have to think of twitter as similar to blogging. You pour your heart and soul into what you think is an amazing blog post and you get like 3 comments. You write some lameass post and get 30 comments. Why and when people comment makes no sense.

    Ditto on twitter. No idea why people response to certain things but not other thing.

    (are you following me? @lauracase)


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