Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm so relaxed it's scary

supposed to be calming down for sleep but she can stand so why sleep?

see her hands? she thinks she can get into Connor's cot

So D says to me the other day, "what if Kendra walks before Connor crawls?"

I said, "so what?"

For a change HE is the paranoid one!


There was another incident which I've forgotten but I've been teasing him.

Turns out all that worrying was in vain because today Connor crawled properly for the first time.

I say "properly" because he was doing a backward crawl when we were on holiday last week. (When do you count it as crawling? When they move backward or forward, or what? I am very black and white!)

I didn't quite know what people meant by backward crawling until I saw it in action - very weird but hey, if you want to move backwards, go right ahead.

The only sad thing is that V saw his first proper crawl *sob* and he was tired by the time I got home (very late today as I am on a full-day course at work for 3 days) so he was not having any of my cheerleader moves.

In other news, Kendra can now wave without us prompting her by waving . V's been teaching her all these cute things and yesterday morning when I left for work, she waved properly when I said, "bye Kendra". Too cute!

She's developed some other not-so-cute things too - the screaming. She does NOT want to be restrained at all and screams in frustration if we have to put her in her cot, etc. It is driving D crazy - I just ignore it as I suspect she's a bit like me and will continue if she knows how much it bugs us.

Connor's cute and not-so-cute thing is this: he can say Mama. That's the cute part.

The not-so-cute part is when he calls for me and wants ONLY me (not his dad). Apparently this morning at 2 am he was calling for me. I sleep the sleep of the dead so didn't hear a thing and D had to go see to him. Both boys weren't too happy about that :)

So the course I'm on?

Expert Negotiator! My boss told me I could teach a course like that - ha ha. I am learning SUCH a lot and am LOVING it (I love the politics behind a seemingly straightforward deal). Today I negotiated one of the best deals in a housing purchase scenario (good practice for when it eventually happens) :)

Also there are lovely people on the course with me. Although one girl said, "oh I wish that I'll also have twins" and I said, "seriously, don't wish that. they are hard work" and she got a little scared. Another new mom added, "it's true. I only have one and she's enough work by herself. We've definitely decided we are DONE!" LOL

how I lay out their clothes - this was on holiday


  1. I count crawling as a forward motion with actual hand and knees movement. Josiah was really mobile, and he'd get on his hands and knees and reach one arm out and then belly out, but I didn't officially count it as crawling until he moved his knees too and went forward. I think Josiah is more in line with Kendra as far as mobility. He says "Dada" and "Nana" but not "Mama". I'm trying to teach him to wave and blow kisses, but he doesn't get it yet. He just smiles real big, but doesn't do it back. Josiah isn't screaming, but he is much whinier than he was before. And, of course, he only wants me. So, I do relate to you on most of these issues.

    I always wanted twins before and still think I could definitely handle it, but the romantic idea of it is far gone after following your blog (and others). Now, when people bring up having twins, I am quick to say, "Oh, I have a much more realistic idea of the amount of work it is now. And, while I would still be happy and handle it the best I can, I'm not quite so eager for it!"

  2. She may be climbing into his area soon! She's on the move...I hate it when they don't want to be's so much harder! It's why I spent all Winter in short sleeves!

    Do you lay out their clothes every day? I grab stuff and pray that it matches as I fly down the stairs!


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