Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interview mojo & self-confidence

I used to have interview mojo.

What's interview mojo, you ask?

It's when you get offered a job every time you have an interview. LOL

Actually, I just interview really well. I went through years and years where I got offered jobs left, right and centre once I reached interview stage.

I suppose I became complacent in my ability to interview well.

However, I lost it the last couple of years but it seems it's started coming back.

I had a "chat" with an HR person at my company about a position they'd already shortlisted and when I arrived he started out saying they'd had many CVs (resumes) better than mine (at the time I thought, "very rude" especially since it's not the company culture to be so straightforward) and I was therefore not one of those shortlisted and out of the running.

Fair enough. I actually love honesty (!) and have no problem with being told the brutal truth.

As we chatted, suddenly he's "actually, I want you to meet Very Senior Person urgently" so we did.

The interview was squeezed in between two of my important client meetings that I couldn't cancel so was a bit rushed.

I don't think I impressed the Senior Guy that much (he's an accountant/ actuary/ numbers sort of person) but it was good to meet as I always feel all connections are good, just in case something else does come up.
Haven't heard a word since and it's two weeks later now.

I don't even feel like sending an email to check progress or what they thought of me.

I've had informal "chats" to another HR lady here, sent CV through for 3 similar roles to the other one and......... nothing.

The thing is I know I'm good at what I do. But when you keep hearing no, no, NO and no, you start doubting yourself.

And the self-confidence dips.

Maybe I'm not as good anymore? Past my sell-by date?

I'm feeling like it may be a function of being here so long (5 years) and that people have mentally boxed me into a particular type of role and therefore I should just move if I want to progress again.

But move to where???

Yesterday I bought our newspaper. It has a supplement called The Workplace and every week they say "hundreds of great jobs" and other such lies.

I looked through that thing from cover to cover last night and there are only more junior roles or MUCH more senior roles than mine (double the money).

But I do feel better for at least having bought and looked through the paper.

I must remember my motto for the year is "this year I will take chances".

What's your motto for the year and how are you doing with it?

Also, if you're someone who is content at work, please share your tips for staying happy. I seem to be discontent fairly regularly and I'm not an ungrateful person, generally.

Is it my age, the fact that I'm nearly 36 and I should be well-established in my career by now? I'm so obviously not.

I don't want to be that person who has "loads of potential" with none actually fulfilled.

(You know, this work thing is for the birds :))

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  1. I've also always had interview mojo, although the last position I interviewed for outside of my current company didn't go very well. But I thought the hiring manager was horrible and I wouldn't want to work for him anyway. Since then I've heard other people say he was horrible and he's gone from that company.

    I'm not sure what my motto is for this year other than I'm trying to be healthier. I know I don't want to change jobs right now. I'm actually hoping to be put in for a promotion. These boys better get better soon so I can get my butt back in the office.

  2. AG ja Marcia, for someone on the other side of that table, it is mostly personality that distinguishes on good CV from the other.

    Keep positive and focused.

    I am trying to be a bit more focused and less stressed. Ja sure!

  3. You haven't lost your mojo, it's just warming up again ;)

    I think also your point about having been there 5 years and being 'boxed' is probably accurate - assumption made without knowing your actual workplace of course. I see the same thing at mine. Unfortunately sometimes one particular job that you're v good at means that other skills don't get such a chance to shine. Hmmm.

    And as for comment "Is it my age, the fact that I'm nearly 36 and I should be well-established in my career by now? I'm so obviously not." Yeah, I feel that too my dear. Part of my huge hesitation for not staying at home with Minx for longer - I fear that I'll return to the market nudging 40 no more than when I left and in fact maybe less.


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